"Obscene Content" Is Getting Banned On Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch is ostensibly marketed at a family audience, until now sexually suggestive content has been permitted on the platform. But now Nintendo have declared their intention to ban "obscene content"

Obscene Content Getting Banned On Switch
This is outrageous, it's unfair! | © Nintendo / Gamuzumi

Nintendo has always been aimed at a family audience, broadly speaking. Of course, they touch on romance, and many of their protagonists have had love interests (we're sure the upcoming Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be no different), but they've never strayed into explicit territory. However, 3rd-party devs often have.

One such publisher is Gamuzumi, whose game is pictured above on the right. Gamuzumi's games typically involve saving "a whole repertory of lovely girls from the evil monsters!" But when Gamuzumi tried to publish their latest game, Hot Tentacle Shooter, they were met with the unfortunate news that Nintendo were tightening their content policy...

No More "Obscene Content" For Nintendo Fanboys!

The lewd game publisher Gamuzumi wanted to release Hot Tentacles Shooter this month, but Nintendo have stopped them in their tracks, claiming that the game infringes on their content policy. Where they were able to publish these sorts of games before, they no longer can.

As Gamuzumi explained:

What does this mean for other adult-games publishers? Consoles are no more. Now it seems that lewd games will be exclusive to PC. Perhaps this has always been the natural home for lewd games and the players who enjoy them, but it could hurt sales of the Switch 2, so perhaps Nintendo are acting hastily.

What do you think about lewd games being banned from the Switch? Is this an appropriate decision from Nintendo, or just one more reason to switch to PC gaming?

Maybe it's time to look to other consoles and other games...