Mario Kart is Coming to PC

You will soon be able to play Mario Kart on your PCs. How? This is how!

Mario kart PC
I need this on PC so badly. | © Nintendo

One day, Nintendo will forget about their exclusivity and will release games like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart onto the PC without us having to find workarounds. Today is not that day, though.

Yes, a Mario Kart is coming to the PC, but it's "only" an emulation of Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of Mario Kart. I know, not the news you probably wanted to hear, but it's a first step in the right direction.

Is Mario Kart Coming To PC?

Let's look at what has been going on: why are we talking about this now? Mario Kart Tour recently received an update. Within that update, dataminers on Discord have found out that "mouse support" has been added as an input method. Some say this is for development purposes, but I don't quite believe that. I think that we're getting a Mario Kart Tour version that will be playable on PC.

Additionally, keep in mind that Google will launch their "Google Play Games for PC" this year. This project will allow Android games to be playable on PC using "high performance" emulation. So not your usual 12-year-old boy with too much free time on his hand creating a 240p version of a mobile game, but something big (no hate to that 12-year-old, though, I still created myself in Sims at that age).

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Mario Kart Tour would be the perfect game to launch with Google Play Games for PC. The game has so much PC potential and I just know so many streamers would jump on this like flies onto dog poop.