Mario Kart VR

Mario Kart in VR. Can you believe it? It's possible. At least in Japan and London. You can play it. Say whaaaat? And why is Nintendo not working on a Virtual Reality system for the Switch? We got the answers to all that.
Mario Kart VR
Mario Kart VR – can it be true? | © Nintendo / Antoine Beynel

After Mario Kart 8 got 48 new courses there might be Mario Kart VR coming in the future.

Yip, you read that right. Just imagine how awesome it would be to play Mario Kart in VR. But wait... is there even a VR for the Nintendo Switch?

Is There A Nintendo Switch VR Set?

Sadly... no. There are some nice concepts by Designer Antoine Beynel. It's a shame that Nintendo doesn't work on a VR – yet. At least we know that Mario Kart 9 is in active development and "comes with a new twist"

The „new twist“ could mean a lot. But yeah… there is a possibility to play Mario Kart in VR already.

Nintendo Switch VR
Why is this not existing already... Nintendo... do smth... | © Antoine Beyne

Mario Kart VR – The Labo VR Kit

A VR version of Mario Kart can be played in the VR Zone Shinjuku in the Japanese capital Tokyo and also in London. Each game of Mario Kart VR costs 1200 yen (approx. $ 10). The entrance fee is about $ 7. A race lasts between 5 and 7 minutes. Only one track is available, which is a kind of a "medley" of different Mario Kart tracks and there is no multiplayer mode.

But the price is really fair; don't you think? I would pay a lot more to play Mario Kart in VR. Why hasn't this been in our living rooms for a long time already, Nintendo? In the trailer, you get a small glimpse of what Mario Kart could feel like in VR.