Leak Reveals Opening GTA 6 Location: 1950s Vienna

A recent leak has given us GTA 6's opening location. The game will begin in the mid-1950s in Vienna, where you'll meet one of the main characters as they begin their life of crime. You can find all the details below.
GTA 6 Vienna
Okay, this is exciting. | © Wikipedia / Rockstar

GTA 6 is going to be the game of the decade when it comes out. There's really no doubt. But until then, all we can do is bite our nails and stare at the calendar. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and we still haven't had an official reveal trailer or even some concept art. But we have had leaks.

Many of the GTA 6 leaks you'll see are spurious, but there are others we already know now to be correct. And thankfully, this next bit of news is the latter. GTA 6 will begin in the 1950s in Vienna, and here's everything we know about the prologue.

GTA's Opening Location: 1950s Vienna

Known leaker GulLiBle773 recently shared the first details of GTA 6's opening chapter: it's going to be set in Vienna, during the mid-1950s. Your character is supposedly going to be an up-and-coming baker who uses loaves of bread to smuggle drugs and other contraband throughout the city. Your friend, a Russian immigrant and an up-and-coming tailor, discovers what you're doing in the very first scene of the game. The leak claims that you and your friend are almost caught by police after that first cut-scene, and must escape through the streets of Vienna together.

Apparently we'll be spending quite a lot of time in the city developing a bread/drug empire. But then the next chapter of the game hurtles us straight into 1992, where we meet the second main character as they become a star of the emerging rave scene in south Wales. But that's all we know so far. We'll update you as soon as we get more info on this highly-anticipated title.

Oh, and by the way: April fools.