GTA 6: Possible Chapter System Leaked

We can all still remember the chapter-based gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2. According to the latest rumors, such a system could also be part of the new GTA 6.

Many years have gone by since the release of "Grand Theft Auto 5". The game was first released in 2013, back then for the now antiquated consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This year, GTA 5 will be released once again in a revised version for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. But actually, we all want to know something different. Are there any new leaks and info about GTA 6? And when can we finally expect an official release date from Rockstar?

The Rumor Mill is Churning!

GTA 6 is said to have been in development for about 10 years. Unfortunately, we still don't really get much information about what could happen. But again and again, small rumors come to the surface. And while we do always have to mention: it's a rumor/leak, so take it with your usual pinches of salt, the leaker is a familiar one. In a forum, the user Tez2, who is a well known GTA informant, has given a hot speculation: The story of GTA 6, like in RDR2, will be told in different chapters.

Chapter-Based Gameplay

Let's go back in time for a second. RDR2 was divided into 6 chapters and another two chapters in a prologue. Through this chapter system, we got to know the whole map and these were always connected with new life circumstances of Arthur Morgan. This principle was perfect to explore the different places on the map and do side missions.

Which new characters we will meet in GTA 6? | © Rockstar Games

GTA 6 is also expected to be another massive game with a huge map and hundreds of hours of gameplay. It will also be set in different cities. Because of the chapter system, changing locations would be very logical and exciting for the gameplay. Also, multiple characters could be involved again. RPG elements similar to those in "GTA: San Andreas" would also fit in with this chapter principle. For example, the protagonist should be able to gain and lose weight and work out in the gym.

When Will GTA 6 Release?

GTA 6 is said to been in development since 2015 and according to insiders, the working time on such a mammoth project is at least more than ten years. Maybe this year we can expect the first trailer. The game is to be set in America and Europe. If this is true, the development could take even longer, because many different places have to be created. But, as so often must be said, rather a finished game of good quality and no crunch at the development studio, than one that has bugs and becomes a disaster. They should take the time they need, our expectations are high.