Industry Expert Reveals Release Date for New Nintendo Console

Many rumors have been circulating as to what Nintendo is planning to do next. Now, an industry analyst claims to know the answer.

So not too long ago, it was more or less proven that the Nintendo Switch 2 is coming. To be absolutely fair, that's not much of a surprise, though. We knew there was a PS5 coming, just like we know that there will be a PlayStation after this one. Still, we're assuming, so it's nice to have an industry expert and analyst weigh in on this.

Analyst Predicts New Nintendo Console for 2024

The analyst in question here goes by the name of Piers Harding-Rolls, and works for Ampere Analysis. He says that he and his company are forecasting the new Nintendo device for 2024, and this is relevant simply because they get paid for their predictions. Predicting these things is their actual job. This is not some twitter-leaker, this is the real deal.

Ampere is currently forecasting a next-gen Nintendo device to release in 2024. "By the end of that year Switch is predicted to have sold through 146m units meaning it still has the potential to become the best-selling console ever by the end of its lifetime, selling over 158 million units and overtaking the PlayStation 2.

Considering we've had plenty of reason to believe a new Nintendo console would be coming in 2024 at the latest already, this one really drives it home. The real question is: Will this new system have 4K, though?