Nintendo Switch Exclusives Are Coming to PlayStation

Some Nintendo Switch exclusives are coming to the PlayStation. Which ones? Read on.
Nintendo switch exclusives playstation
Nintendo and Sony are no longer exclusive. | © Nintendo, Sony

Not long ago, a PlayStation exclusive found its way over to the Nintendo Switch, and now the Japanese brethren are returning the favor: Some formerly exclusive Nintendo Switch games, will soon be playable on the PlayStation.

Nintendo Switch Exclusives Coming to PlayStation

Zelda? Mario? Nah... calm down. It ain't nothing like that. The big boys are still staying firmly in Nintendo's corner, and just like the PlayStation exclusive that was made available on the Nintendo Switch, these games aren't exactly system sellers. The games in question are:

  • The House of the Dead: Remake
  • Shadowrun Trilogy
  • Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Now, the first two are leaks, to be fair, but they are also leaks of the highest order: The House of the Dead was discovered in the PSN backend, while the Shadowrun Trilogy was found there as well. Some poor soul must've screwed up and uploaded them to the backend too early, giving us the confirmation we need to leak with confidence. As for Story of Seasons, that was officially confirmed by PlayStation already.

While none of these games are necessarily AAA, there is fun to be had. The Shadowrun Trilogy are tactical RPG is a dystopian cyberpunk future, derived from a classic tabletop. The House of the Dead remake, is the remake of a 1997 arcade classic, while Story of Seasons is a good old farming simulator to just relax to.

Even if these games aren't the most exciting, they might pave the way for more Nintendo games to come to PlayStation in the future, so we're happy to see the two Japanese giants get along.