Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Beat Zhuyan

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan is the second primary boss and a really tough nut to crack. We show you how to defeat this vicious King Kong.

Wo Long fallen Dynasty Zhuyan
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to beat Zhuyan. | © KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

Zhuyan is a formidable demon resembling an ape, which appears in the middle of the Two Chivalrous Heroes mission in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. In Chinese mythology, his presence often signals an imminent devastating war, making him a daunting adversary.

He is the first of two beast bosses you'll have to defeat in this mission. Luckily, you won't have to face Zhuyan alone, as warlord Zhao Yun accompanies you throughout the mission, distracting the demon and allowing you some space to breathe.

However, despite having AI assistance, Zhuyan remains a challenging opponent. This guide will equip you with all the necessary information and tips to defeat this towering monster.

How To Beat Zhuyan

The Two Chivalrous Heroes mission is suitable for players at Level 5, which you should have reached after completing the previous mission. Zhuyan starts with a morale of 10, so make sure to plant flags to increase your Fortitude Rank. If you managed to avoid death and fought enough enemies on the way, you may have already reached a morale of 10 by this point.

Make sure to equip Enhanced Defense, a Wizardry Spell you should have learned by now. Another useful spell to have is Absorb Vitality, which temporarily restores HP for you and your allies when dealing damage. This spell requires your Wood virtue to be at level 3, and you also need to learn the Lightning Bolt spell.

Okay, let's begin.

Wo long zhuyan 2
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Strong boss Zhuyan | © KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

The boss fight emphasizes reducing the upper limit of the boss's spirit gauge to stagger them sooner, which you should have already been practicing against Zhang Liang earlier in the game.

Zhao Yun fights alongside you in this battle, so you can rely on him to distract the ape while you recover or score some hits from behind
. He has a higher endurance than you do, but keep in mind that he can still be defeated.

Wo long zhuyan boss fight
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Zhuyan boss fight | © KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

What You Need To Consider

Zhuyan is a formidable foe with massive arms that he likes to use to pound you up close. It's crucial to note that Zhuyan is vulnerable to Earth Phase spells, which means that if you utilize spells that deal Earth Phase damage, such as imbuing your melee weapon with stone damage, you can deal additional damage to the boss.

Zhuyan has two critical attacks that require your attention.

  • The first attack involves the boss lunging towards your leg first, indicated by a red symbol. When you see this symbol, quickly create some distance between yourself and the boss, providing you with enough time to deflect the critical blow.
  • The second critical attack is when Zhuyan jumps over you, and it is relatively easy to deflect. Pay close attention, and you should have no difficulty deflecting it correctly.
Wo long zhuyan 3
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The boss fight against Zhuyan | © KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

To decrease Zhuyan's morale, the most effective method is to deal damage from behind. Standing behind the boss is safe, as it doesn't have any moves that can harm you from that angle. However, standing in front of it will result in some brutal blows.

The good news is that all of his attacks can be deflected. Here's a rundown of his moves:

  • Zhuyan will swing his right arm at you or slam it down on the ground in front of him. He may also combo this with a swing of his left arm before slamming his right arm down, so be ready to deflect one attack after the other.
  • Another attack he has is where he jumps up and slams both arms down on the ground, causing area-of-effect damage. He may follow this up with an unblockable somersaulting slam, or he may do it twice in succession.
  • He can also perform the somersaulting slam on its own.
  • He also has an unblockable attack where he performs a backflip and then flies feet-first towards you with a fast corkscrew kick. Be ready to deflect this attack when he lands.
  • If he manages to connect with his unblockable attack, he will increase his morale, but he will also be left open to attacks for a few seconds. Use this opportunity to hit him with a combo that ends with a spirit attack to greatly push his spirit gauge into the red. This may even stagger him for a fatal strike.
  • However, be warned that Zhuyan can quickly restore his morale once he's down to about two-thirds of his health, so keep an eye on his attacks.
  • When Zhuyan roars and creates a red demonic aura around him, he will gain a ranged attack where he throws a boulder at you. Although this attack can be deflected, it won't affect his own spirit gauge. At this point, it's a good idea to position yourself at the opposite side of the arena from Zhao Yun, who will also be fighting alongside you. This way, you can score some free hits while the ape's back is turned.
  • If you need to heal or use Wizardry Spells, retreat to a safe distance. Be warned that when he turns to face your ally, his body or tail whip may damage you, so be ready to block or deflect.
  • Keep dealing damage while trying to bring down Zhuyan's spirit gauge. Three fatal strikes from staggering him should be enough to defeat him, provided you don't take too much damage too early in the fight.

Zhuyan Reward

Defeating Zhuyan will reward you with 3,500 Qi and 3,015 copper, with the potential for higher totals based on your gear. Additionally, Zhuyan drops a Yellow Turban Champion Helmet (4-star) and a Yellow Turban Champion Armor (3-star).

Once the fight is over, you will swear an oath with Zhao Yun and receive Qilin's Jade, allowing you to summon Qilin, the first of many Divine Beasts. Qilin's summoning attack unleashes sharp stones from the ground that deal significant damage to any enemies in their path. Alternatively, you can use the Divine Beast's resonance to imbue your weapon with elemental stone damage for a brief period, while also reducing damage taken and increasing automatic spirit recovery.

Despite your victory, your mission is far from over as you still have another demonic beast to face alongside Zhao Yun.

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