Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Beat Zhang Liang

Their is a very difficult fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty against Zhang Liang. If you don't know how to defeat him, we will help you!

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After a tutorial introducing the game's controls and attacks, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty thrusts players into an intense boss fight with little warning. This fight, which occurs only 15 minutes into the game, is against Zhiang Liang, General of Man, and requires players to be already comfortable with the combat system.

Souls-like games tend to just throw you in somewhere abruptly, Elden Ring made the start and the other games follow suit. This sink-or-swim moment is challenging, especially considering how early it occurs in the game.

To prepare for the fight and guide players through both phases (there are two), our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhiang Liang, General of Man boss fight guide will help you. Our guide will show you how to defeat the incredibly strong boss Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Players familiar with Nioh and Sekiro will feel at home with the challenging gameplay set in historical China.

In addition to core elements from Nioh games, such as punishing difficulty, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty also includes new features like a jump button and a focus on parrying, referred to as deflecting in the game.

How To Defeat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To maximize Morale level, players should activate all possible flags in the level before facing Zhang Liang. Then we recommend using the Enhanced Defense Wizardry Spell, which can be found in the Earth Phase of the Five Phases upgrade screen.

For weapons, a Ring Pommel Sabre is more than sufficient, as faster weapons generally suit Wo Long's faster-paced gameplay. Heavier, more powerful weapons can become a liability in boss fights. Additionally, the Ring Pommel Sabre has a generous deflection timing window, which can be helpful if players are struggling.

Zhang Liang Phase 1

As you enter Zhang Liang's arena, he will begin a monologue that you can skip if you die and respawn.

After his speech, he will raise his club, so avoid sprinting towards him as you will get hit. Instead, take a moment to cast a buff spell and wait for him to come to you.

In the first phase, focus on shrinking and draining Zhang Liang's Spirit Gauge to unleash a Fatal Blow on him two or three times, and you will defeat him.

Here is basically what you should be doing:

  • Your main objective in the first phase is to focus on deflecting Zhang Liang's attacks using the B/circle button, similar to a parry in other games.
  • Although it is essential to deal some damage, your primary goal should be to deflect his attacks, reducing his Spirit Gauge.
  • You can button-mash if you struggle with timing, but aim to deflect as many attacks as possible, draining his Spirit Gauge with each successful deflection.
  • Once you feel more confident, incorporate normal attacks with X/square and Spirit Attacks with Y/triangle to keep draining his Spirit Gauge.
  • You can see his Spirit Gauge below his health bar, which decreases as you hit him and shrinks as you deflect.
  • Once the shrinking and draining parts meet, Zhang Liang is stunned.

And boom, now he's stunned. Get those attacks in.

Zhang Liang Phase 2

Once you have depleted Zhang Liang's health bar in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will face his second and more challenging phase where he will transform into a menacing form with a giant tentacle-like arm.

To overcome this phase, it is essential to maintain an aggressive stance, regularly casting Enhance Defense, and getting close to Zhang.

Although he has less punishing combos in this phase, his bigger attacks can deal significant damage, so dodging them is crucial.

Be alert to his slow swinging arm combo, which will occur two or three times in sequence. These combos can be deflected, and if necessary, running away to heal is a viable option, as Zhang's primary ranged attack is a ground-based projectile that is easily avoidable.

  • In the second phase of the Zhang Liang boss fight, he gains a giant demon arm fueled by Elixir which increases his reach, but most attacks can still be deflected.
  • He becomes more aggressive and may wind up for his most common Critical Blow by thrusting his demon arm forward like a battering ram.
  • Deflecting this will temporarily sever his demon arm and shrink his Spirit gauge, making it easier to stun him for a Fatal Stab. However, he will regenerate his demon arm after some time.
  • Zhang Liang also gains a few new attacks, such as an Earth-based magical attack that sends a line of rocks exploding towards you. (It's possible to deflect, but guarding with LB works better.)
  • He also adds a charging attack, which may or may not be a Critical Blow, where he charges at you with his club like a lance. Guarding or deflecting work to deal with the non-Critical version, but you must deflect if he's glowing red.
  • Lastly, he has a rushing flurry of Critical Blows attack that can be challenging to handle, but guarding is the best option if he's close. If possible, try to deflect the third and biggest swing at the end to do significant damage to his Spirit Gauge.

Zhang Liang's Critical Blow attacks pose the most significant threat in this phase.

However, you can destroy his arm with a significant blow. His other Critical Blow attack becomes more dangerous, as he will unleash a snaking attack that can cover the entire distance between you and him.

His movement is tricky to track and requires some mastery, so it's best to stay close to him if possible.

How To End Zhang Liang Fight (Spoiler)

A crucial aspect of this battle is that you have the option to end it once Zhang Liang's health bar reaches around halfway.

The Blindfolded Boy will prompt you to "unleash the power residing in the jade" and summon the Divine Beast.

You'll see the icon for the Divine Beast fill up on the right side of the screen, and a tooltip will appear on the left side to remind you how to summon it.

To summon the Divine Beast, simply press Y+B/triangle+circle. It's important to keep an eye on Zhang's health bar, as you can easily miss this prompt while focusing on the battle.

If you trigger the command, a cutscene will commence and the fight will end instantly, allowing you to take a breather and reap the rewards of your victory.

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