Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Morale System Explained

What is the morale system in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and why is it important for combat? We'll explain it to you!

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Morale System explained | © KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty adds some unique elements to the Souls-like genre, including a Morale system that may initially be confusing for players.

To simplify the mechanics of the Morale system, let's take a closer look at how it works in the game.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Morale System Explained

Morale in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty serves as adual-purpose system. It acts as a measurement of your character's current strength within a specific area, as well as an indication of an enemy's comparative strength to yours.

At the start of a new level, your Morale rank is always set to 1. If you encounter an enemy with a higher Morale rank, your attack power will be reduced against them, and they will have a significant advantage in combat.

Morale rank is an integral part of the game's growth system, used to determine the challenge level of enemies during missions beyond just their stats and levels. It can be increased by defeating enemies, landing Martial Arts and Spirit Attacks or Fatal Strikes.

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Keeping your Morale in check is important for battles. | © Koei Tecmo

The higher your Morale rank, the less damage you receive from enemies, and the more battle options become available. The maximum Morale rank is 25, and defeating enemies with higher Morale ranks earns more points and rarer item drops.

If you die, your Morale rank will decrease, and the enemy who defeated you will receive a boost to their Morale rank, making them tougher to beat the next time around.

How To Increase Morale

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, there are two main ways to increase your Morale: defeating enemies and claiming Marking Flags or Battle Flags.

Defeating enemies is a straightforward method that involves killing foes and resting at Battle Flags to make them respawn.

It can be a grindy process, but it is effective in increasing your Morale. Alternatively, exploring the level and finding Battle Flags and Marking Flags can also raise your Morale.

Capturing these flags not only increases your Morale by one or several points, but it also raises your Fortitude rank. If you die, your Morale rank cannot drop below your established Fortitude rank in that level.

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Claiming flags will help you increase your morale. | © Koei Tecmo

How To Lose Morale

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, losing Morale is just as likely as gaining it, and there are two ways in which this can happen: dying or being hit by Critical Blows.

Dying is straightforward – when you run out of health, you not only lose some of your Genuine Qi, but also drop levels in your Morale rank. To avoid this, the solution is simple – try not to die.

Critical Blows are powerful attacks that most enemies are capable of executing, and are usually signaled by a large, glowing red circle that appears on the enemy's body.

If you are unable to deflect or dodge a Critical Blow in time, your Morale rank drops by 1. Multiple hits from Critical Blows can rapidly reduce your damage output and leave you vulnerable, particularly when facing bosses.

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