Game Pass Now Comes on a Stick: Xbox Everywhere

Game Pass is not looking to let up on its grasp on game-streaming anytime soon, and Xbox Everywhere looks to be its greatest implementation yet.

Xbox everywhere
Gaming is never gonna be the same. | © Microsoft

Let's be honest: We knew this was coming. We always knew the future of game-streaming was going to be in the form of a stick, something you just plug into the side of your TV, monitor or whatever, and you just go from there. The games are on the cloud, the hardware is slim, and the only factor in whether you can game or not is your internet connection. It's essentially the Fire TV model, and now Xbox is realizing it for gaming.

Xbox Everywhere: A TV Puck

Again: Everyone saw this coming, I believe, but I still love it. Look, I got a Fire Stick, and it is... fire. Sorry, not sorry, because it's true: Whenever I travel, I bring my stick, I plug it wherever I please, and I have a great time. Also, I'm aware of how I made that sound.

If you don't think this will have a massive impact on gaming, you're kidding yourself, and I'm sure other companies will follow suit in no time. This just once again strengthens my belief that we saw the last generation of hardware with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, which, considering what happened with scalpers, and the ridiculous prices these systems sell at, should make the conscious gamer very happy.