Xbox Sucks More Than PlayStation | Study & Sales Confirm

A study by ToolTester has revealed the worst outages for entertainment platforms and websites. Obviously, our readers are interested in how well Xbox Live and the Playstation Network compare. For all the answers you need to gloat and boast, keep reading.

Xbox vs PlayStation
It's been proven guys, no need to keep fighting | © Sony and Microsoft

Microsoft and Sony - the powerhouses that have defined an industry - have been at war for two decades now, and without any hope for a ceasefire in the near future. Whatever side of this fight you're on you'll need ammo to hurl at the other side, for some reason. Well, rejoice PlayStation fans because a new study has been comparing PSN to Xbox Live.

The PSN vs. Xbox Live Study

ToolTester, a website consultation service, has conducted a survey to see which of the big entertainment platforms and online services experienced the most outages. And between PSN and Xbox Live?

We're sorry to say (to our Xbox readers) that the PlayStation network only experienced 49 outages compared to Xbox Live's 63. It's not that much of a gap honestly, but you know what fans are like. Either way Steam went out more, so PC users might be the real victims for once.

Take a look at some of the runners-up for worst connection stability:

Worst Connection PSN vs Xbox
Here are the worst 30, it makes for quite an interesting read | © ToolTester

You can see that all the big gaming platforms have some work to do here, but whether they will, is another question. It should be said in their defense, playing games hoovers up bandwidth compared to almost any other activity you can do online, so their servers must be strained like nobody's business. But unlike so many of the other services – we are paying for Xbox Live and (these days) the PlayStation Plus membership.

If you find you're getting annoyed with these outages remember that for a lot of games you don't even need the Gold or Plus memberships respectively to play. For big titles like Call of Duty, for instance, they allow you to play with a free Xbox Live or PSN account.

[Update, August 14, 2022]

For those of you who need even more proof that Xbox sucks more than PlayStation: I got you.

Right now, there's a trial going on in Brazil. I'll spare you the details, but basically, it's about Microsoft defending its Activision Blizzard acquisition. And you know how it is in court. You need to proof... a lot. Some things are only relevant to the case and won't get much attention if they get out to the public, others... are a lot more juicy.

The court details I'm talking about are the ones that reveal that the Xbox One sold less than half of PlayStation 4's throughout its lifetime.

Now, here's the thing. I think at this point, almost all of us know that console wise, the PlayStation is just outright better. When it comes to additional things, mainly the Xbox Game Pass, then Microsoft wins.

Still, PlayStation users will take this as a victory again.