Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How To Get The Paraglider

See here how to get your paraglider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

Zelda totk paraglider
How to get your paraglider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | © Susanne Ehls / Nintendo

So, you just started your journey in Tears of the Kingdom and noticed with dread that your beloved paraglider from BotW is missing! Especially with all the new sky islands and heights you have to explore, its absence is really painful. Well don't fret, because here is a guide on how you can quickly get your paraglider and use it to travel across Hyrule.

How To Get Your Paraglider In Tears Of The Kingdom

So, you are just starting out on the large sky island and miss your paraglider? Well, you will have to finish your 4 tutorial shrines and leave the Great Sky Island. Now you are technically free to travel all around Hyrule, but this is the mistake many players make.

Instead of going on an exploration trip, follow the main story to Lookout Landing and talk to Purah. She will send you up to Hyrule Castle to talk to a guy named Hoz. Afterward, go back to her and she will explain how the Skyview Towers work. Now Purah will give you the beloved paraglider.

And that is how you get your paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom. Really easy, right? Now off you go, back to exploring the vast world of Hyrule!

If you need a quick refresher on BotW's story, we got just the right video for you:

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