Rupee Farming In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Broke? We Got You!

If you're struggling to get enough rupees for your new armor set, or some ingredients you need – don't worry! There are some easy methods to farm all the rupees you need.

Tot K Beedle
Of course you can sell stuff, to earn money. But what and where to sell best? | © Nintendo via EarlyGame

Sure, you'll get some fabulous armor from quest lines or some pieces through exploring. You can of course collect all ingredients you need while wandering around Hyrule – but for some things you'll need rupees. There are different ways of earning rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It doesn't matter if you prefer mining to cooking or hunting. Depending on the style of play you prefer, you can pick a method from our list.

How To Farm Rupees In Tears of the Kingdom

Become A Gourmet Chef

If you're into cooking and hunting, this is your way to go! By hunting down Cold-Footed Wolves and Grizzlemaw Bears up in the frozen wastes near the Snowfield Stable, you'll receive Gourmet Meat. Cooking five of them in a pot will create a meat skewer, which you can sell for over 300 rupees! It seems like a lot of work, but it will pay off.

Sell Gems To Beedle

If you're more into mining, and can't get past an ore without breaking it open, you should try to find Beedle. Beedle, the wandering merchant, is roaming Hyrule, but you're sure to find him close to a stable. You can sell rare gems to him. Why to him, you might ask? Because he'll pay a higher price than any other merchant!

Zelda totk beetle sell screen
Sure, you could sell Luminous Stones but there's better use for them! | © Nintendo via EarlyGame

Collect Poop

Yeah, it sounds weird, but hear me out! If you drop a Luminous Stone in front of a Dondon, these giant horned creatures will eat the stone. Yes, even weirder, but they will process the stone and poop out everything you can get out of an ore deposit (it doesn't get better, does it?), includingrare gems. These rare gems you can sell again to Beedle. The Dondons you'll find north of the Lakeside Stable, across the river.

Smack Innocent Animals

Surely you've seen these little glowing rabbit-owl-creatures, scuttling away as soon as they spot you. Considering what we're about to tell you, the Blupees have good reason to run away: sneak up on one of them and if you succeed, hit it as many times as you can - the rupees just spill out of them as they run away. You can try to use homing arrows to make them lose even more Rupees once they run away.

Become A Campaign Assistant

If you're travelling Hyrule you'll sooner or later meet Addison. He's busy erecting election signs for President Hudson and if you're kind enough to help him steady these with Ultrahand, he'll pay you with some rupees.

Actually Work

The Monster Control Crew is a militia that can be found all over the map. They're hunting down monsters, clearing out their bases and if you join them, they'll pay you 100 rupees for every base. Even though the effort-reward ratio here seems a bit off, in comparison to the other options, you should not forget that you also get the monsters' loot here. You might be able to use it, or you could sell it.

As you see there are plenty of ways to gather rupees and for sure there is also a way that suits you best!

This might come in handy for the Blupee smacking or raiding the monster bases:

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