Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Sage's Will Locations And How To Use It

Here are all 20 locations of the Sage's Wills in Tears of the Kingdom and how to use them.

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Sage's Will: All 20 locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | © EarlyGame / Nintendo

So you've been traveling around Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, did a main quest, and now you have a really cool new ability from your sage friend. Would you like to upgrade it? Well that is easily done by collecting items called Sage's Will.

There are 20 Sage's Will items scattered on the Sky Islands and you need four of them to upgrade a Sage's ability. This means, you can upgrade every ability once, since there are 5 of them. Simply go to a Goddess Statue and select which one you want to improve.

All Sage's Will Locations In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

We got all 20 Sage's Will locations for you and will now explain, where and how you can find them:

West Hyrule Sky Archipelago-2297, -0412, 0881
South Hyrule Sky Archipelago-0954, -1736, 0993
South Hebra Sky Archipelago-3075, 2152, 0635
West Hebra Sky Archipelago-4470, 2171, 1240
North Tabanta Sky Archipelago-3781, 1573, 1224
Eldin Sky Archipelago1764, 2267, 0814
South Eldin Sky Archipelago1781, 0982, 1213
Sokkala Sky Archipelago3811, 1582, 1131
Lanayru Sky Archipelago3379, 0633, 1277
Lanayru Sky Archipelago2911, 0525, 0916
Lanayru Sky Archipelago2993, -0252, 0881
North Necluda Sky Archipelago1934, -1065, 0948
South Necluda Sky Archipelago2552, -3601, 0881
South-east above the lone island4653, -3829, 1052
Thunderhead Isles1309, -3210, 0446
Thunderhead Isles0968, -3306, 0833
Faron Sky Archipelago-0333, -2591, 0881
North Gerudo Sky Archipelago-3457,-0263, 1926
East Gerudo Sky Archipelago-1959, -1813, 1127
Far left above the desert-4448, -2732, 1406

And these are all 20 locations of the Sage's Wills. We recommend upgrading Tulin first, since he is especially useful for exploration and getting all the Wills.

With that, we wish you lots of fun exploring Tears of the Kingdom. Don't crash into the ground, but glide to your destination!

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