Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Where Are The Wells Quest Guide

Exploring Hyrule is all fun and games until you can't find the last wells you need in order to finish the quest "Where are the wells?" in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Don't worry, we got you.

Zelda TOTK
Zelda TOTK: All wells & the reward for finding them│ © Nintendo

The wells scattered around Hyrule are not only a nice thing to explore but also the objective of their very own quest: finding them for the wells' biggest fan. Finding all 58 of them can be a tiring task if you don't know where to look.

If you want to give the quest another try without looking up the exact locations, here's a little tip: take a picture of a well and try using the Purah Pad Sensor to find the wells you're missing!

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Zelda TotK: Where To Get The Quest "Where Are The Wells"

Totk wells
Look at Fera, the well enthusiast... │ © Nintendo/EarlyGame

To officially start the hunt for the wells, you'll need to talk to Fera. She'll be hanging out in a well near one of the stables. She doesn't have a set spawn, so you'll run into her as soon as you throw yourself into a well by a stable of your choice.

Talk to her and she'll tell you about her passion for wells, asking you to aid her in her quest of finding all the wells in Hyrule. She promises 10 rupees for each well location, giving you the first payment right then and there if you've already found some.

You've officially found a well if you've gotten close enough and the well icon appears on your map. No need to actually jump in, but I'd recommend it nonetheless.

All Well Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom

Actually finding the wells can be a tedious task though. Here's the map from zeldamaps.com with all the well locations if you've already turned over every single stone in Hyrule twice and still haven't found all of them:

Tears of the kingdom well map
Zelda: TOTK all well locations map │ © Nintendo/Zeldamaps.com

If you want to get a few rupees before discovering all the wells, you can find Fera in the Lookout Landing well where she'll wait for your updates.

Where Are The Wells Quest Reward

Fera makes good on her promise and gives you your 10 rupees for every well location, so you'll get 580 rupees if you make her dream come true and tell her where all 58 wells are.

She's got another little present for you for finding all 58 wells. The official quest reward is the "All's Well Snowglobe" which won't aid you in your own quest or be actual decoration in your home, but it's still a nice gesture.

All's well that ends well, right?

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