GTA 6 Leak: Back to Vice City & GTA Online Returning to Liberty City?

Gta 6 leak gta online
Is GTA 6 going back to Vice City? (Image Credit: Rockstar Games)

A new, unconfirmed leak on GTA 6 could have revealed the environment of Rockstar Games' open-world action game. Additionally, a remaster of Liberty City in the popular online mode GTA Online could be waiting for us.

While Rockstar Games is (again) re-releasing the open-world game GTA V for the PlayStation 5, new rumours about its successor are making the rounds. The latest GTA 6 leak revolves around the location of the game - is it back to Vice City?

GTA 6 Vice City?

The new GTA 6 Leak comes from Reditor "markothemexicam" who, according to Dexerto, was already right in the past with his statements about the GTA series and for example had revealed the PS5 new edition of the game in advance.

He claims that his roommate had worked for Rockstar North - the development studio where the GTA series is created - before he and about 100 other employees were fired due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Vice city remastered mod
If you can't wait until GTA 6, there's a GTA V PC mod that brings back Vice City. (Image credit: Youtube - DubStepZz)

According to the leak, GTA 6 is supposed to take us back to Vice City, the fictional version of Miami that was already set in the PS2 offshoot of the same name. However, the source couldn't say whether the title is again based on an eighties setting.

However, there is supposed to be an innovative weather system, which even has an effect on the NPCs and their behavior. It even includes random lightning strikes, which could hit the CPU inhabitants and cause crazy situations. The unveiling of GTA 6 is scheduled for next year, according to the source.

GTA Online With Liberty City Heist?

The source also mentioned GTA Online, which will be updated in July or August. The expansion will focus on the "elite prostitute business" and could finally open the gates of the "Mile High Club" building, which is currently only a construction site in the world of GTA V.

That's nice, but according to the leak, it will be really exciting in December 2020, when the biggest update for GTA Online so far is waiting for us, introducing a new heist. And that's obviously something, as markothemexicam reveals:

The new location is Liberty City. Niko Bellic is coming back, with his voice talent Michael Hollick. Roman Bellic is also coming back. The heist is about robbing gold reserves in Liberty City (10 million max take). Many freemode activities and Quick Jobs will be added to remastered Liberty City and future updates for PS5 will be based on Liberty City.
Gta online leak reddit
GTA Online could be making a return to Liberty City. (Image credit: Reddit)

The leak further states that the update introduces many side activities in Liberty City, and that all future GTA V updates for PlayStation 5 will play in the remastered city that was the setting for GTA 3 and GTA IV.

It all sounds almost too good to be true. Just a few days ago Rockstar Games announced the biggest update for GTA Online so far, talking about a heist in a brand new environment.

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