2:0 Week for Vitality, Fnatic and Rogue in LEC

Week Two of the LEC concluded Rogue and Fnatic yet to drop a game after their victories against Team BDS and Misfits Gaming respectively. Meanwhile, the middle of the pack is now that much more interesting after Team Vitality defeated G2 Esports and is within one win of a tied third place.

G2v T Vit 2301
Perkz vs Caps is always a classic | © Riot Games

Day two of the LEC second week had Fnatic and Rogue continue in their race to the top as the two teams have yet to lose a game. Misfits Gaming would no doubt love to trip Fnatic and tie them for second spot. Meanwhile, G2 would come face to face with their past as the team would take on Luka "Perkz" Perković’s Team Vitality.

Key Win for Excel

SK Gaming might have gotten the first blood against Excel Esports, but the tables soon turned and the better skirmishing by XL gave them a big lead. The German organization found some wins in the mid-game, delaying their opponent’s dragon soul and getting three kills in exchange for the Baron. However, 36 minutes in Excel found two kills and pushed hard to end the game and earn their second win of the split.

Astralis Fall Short of an Upset

What many expected to be an easy win for MAD Lions turned into a very competitive game after Astralis got several early kills, virtually tying the gold at 15 minutes. However, in an extended fight 19 minutes in İrfan Berk "Armut" Tükek’s Aatrox cleaned up, giving his team an ace. Astralis were able to equalize with an ace and Baron of their own several minutes later, but at the end of the day, MAD’s teamfighting and scaling were better. 31 minutes in, William "UNF0RGIVEN" Nieminen’s Jinx ran amok in the teamfight, resulting in an ace and a win for the Lions.

Third Loss for BDS

Team BDS had a hard time against the yet-undefeated Rogue, and even a first blood was not enough to give them an early lead in the face of their opponents’ pushing lanes. As teamfights started, Rogue were a cut above, first getting several kills in an extended botlane fight, then a near ace 18 minutes in. Five minutes later, BDS did have a close fight but a big Nami ultimate and Rogue’s big wallets let them win the fight and secure a chemtech soul. Several minutes later, Rogue pushed in the enemy base to win.

Fnatic Smash Misfits

After a two-game winning streak, Misfits Gaming had to take on Fnatic - and predictably, it did not go well. The two teams were close until 13 minutes in, when Fnatic’s deathball composition and superior teamfighting resulted in four kills for the favorites. Around the twenty-minute mark, Misfits were caught in the enemy jungle and lost three kills, leading to an early Baron for Fnatic. It took the undefeated team less than 24 minutes to add another notch on their belt and take their fifth win of the split.

2-0 Week for Vitality

The most awaited game of the day was the showdown between a nearly-undefeated G2 Esports and a Team Vitality that appeared to have woken up from their slumber. If G2 had any hopes this was going to be easy, three deaths within the first five minutes and being 2.5K behind at 10 quickly put an end them. Vitality had big advantage in mid and both and struck the right balance between aggressive and aware, and as the game went on, they would methodically take over the map. G2 tried to find any picks but failed time after time, leaving the way open for Vitality to get a 2:0 week.

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The LEC continues next Friday, January 28th with a match between Team BDS and Astralis. In the meantime, join our Discord server to stay informed about the latest news and strats about League and many other games!