5 Champions We Want in Arcane Season 2

Arcane season 2 is confirmed and will likely continue right where season 1 left off. Which champions should be included in the upcoming season of the hit Netflix series?

Riot x Arcane
Which Champions should be in season 2? | © Riot Games

This weekend saw the end of Arcane. No more episodes are coming out from the hit series, which has seen some of the highest ratings from any original Netflix show on IMDB. So, what are you supposed to do now?

Try playing League of Legends? I guess. Test out Legends of Runeterra? Maybe? Or log in and experience VALORANT? All of those are solid options to fill the Arcane void, but you could also theorycraft…

Since Riot has confirmed a season 2 of Arcane is in the works, we now have to wonder which champions should or could be included in the upcoming series? These are the five champions we would love to see in Arcane Season 2.

Which Champions Should Be in Arcane Season 2?

5. Orianna

Orianna was teased at the end of the third act. We saw her in a picture which belonged to Singed. This could mean that he is her father, and he will definitely play an important role in season 2. Therefore, through his blood relation, we do think that Orianna makes perfect sense to play a part in the Arcane story.

How could she be part of the story? Well, with Singed becoming a much more integral part of the plot, his daughter could also be making an appearance. It would fit so well, and could offer a great way to find out more about their dynamic and their love for one another.

4. Skarner

It does seem like Riot might be changing Skarner’s story and the origin of hextech crystals. If they choose not to, Skarner would be a great addition to the Arcane cast. With further development of Hextech and more need for the Brackern crystals, Skarner would be a no-brainer for a character.

Skarner has some of the most tragic lore in League of Legends, so giving him a spotlight in Arcane season 2 would make so much sense and fans would be delighted. We would love to see some other regions, like Shurima make an appearance as well.

3. Corki

Corki and his band of Screaming Yipsnakes should definitely be making an appearance in season 2. Why? Well, Heimerdinger was one of the best characters in the show, and it made us want some more Yordles in Arcane Season 2 and Corki would fit perfectly into the story of the upcoming war.

Sure, any Yordle can just portal their way to Piltover or Zaun, and Ziggs is even featured in the new rhythm runner game which takes place in Piltover, but Corki just… fits. Please Riot, make it happen.

2. LeBlanc

LeBlanc and her black rose order appearing in season 2 would be such an epic plot twist. With the inclusion of Noxus in season 1 we have high hopes for some more Noxian champions to make an appearance in season 2 and who better than the deceiver herself.

LeBlanc is such an interesting character, and she would look incredible on the big screen. Her scheming ways could lead to some fascinating twists and turns throughout the show. Has she had her hand in the Piltover and Zaun conflict all this time?

1. Warwick

Warwick - Arcane Season 2
Arcane better make an appearance in season 2. | © Riot Games

Of course, we can’t forget about Warwick. We caught a glimpse of him at the end of the third act, but it wasn’t enough. We have so many questions. Is Vander Warwick? Did Singed ‘save’ him and then genetically mutilate him? We need these questions answered, Riot!

So of course, we hope that Warwick will show his wolfish face to fans on the big screen once season 2 airs. Once again, his close tie to Singed means that he will likely be a champion in Arcane season 2.

So there you have it. Which champions would you want to see in Arcane season 2? Let us know on Discord!