LoL: Aurelion Sol In-Game Bug Wipes Out Complete Teams

Aurelion Sol's Comprehensive Gameplay Update went live in LoL Patch 13.3. The champion only had one week on the PBE for community testing, so obviously some bugs went through to live servers, but no one imagined a bug like this.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol
Well... no one expected this Aurelion Sol bug, eh? | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol's Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU) went live not too long ago, making him one of the most played champios on the rift thanks to the insane power's this space dragon received. Of course, everyone wants to play with the new toy, right?

Well, it seems that there is one bug currently running rampant on Summoner's Rift with which you can wipe out entire teams in a matter of seconds. How long will it take Riot to fix this bug?

LoL: Aurelion Sol CGU Bug Wipes Out Teams

In a video compilation by Vandiril, the in-game Aurelion Sol bug could be seen first hand. It involves both Aurelion Sol and Mordekaiser. Basically, using Aurelion Sol's new and improved E - Singularity right before getting pulled into Mordekaiser's ultimate could be the end for a lot of players.

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Anyone who was caught in Singularity's area of effect (AoE) will continue to burn down. This won't stop until they eventually die and look into a grey screen. Basically, it's almost as though the ability is still on the map and the debuff never disappears, causing champions initially caught in it to continuously take damage.

It's pretty silly, but this could cause some serious problems for anyone playing Mordekaiser into Aurelion Sol, especially in ranked games. In the pro meta the new Aurelion Sol has been disabled, due to some in-game issues and if more bugs like this one pop up, then we likely won't see the big space dragon on the biggest stage for a while.

Riot will likely fix these mistakes by the time the Mid-Season Invitational in London comes around, but we do hope to see him ahead of the LEC, LCS or LCK playoffs so we know just how good this new champion can be at the highest level of play.

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