League of Legends: Best Bot Lane Duos – Patch 13.10

League of Legends is a competitive team game. If you want to gain some LP this patch, then these are the best must-play bot duos for you and your premade.

B duo 13 10
League of Legends: It's over with the trolling bot! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

It's a new League of Legends patch and you and your premade have no idea who to play in the bot lane? That's where we come in to help! These must-play bot duos are really strong in the current patch and we're not just saying that because well... the stats speak for themselves.

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League of Legends Bot Lane Guide: Best Must-Play Bot Lane Duos in LoL Patch 13.10

There you have it, the best combinations of ADCs and supports:

5. Jhin & Blitzcrank

Let's start with a classic combo, namely Jhin and Blitzcrank, who sport an even 52.84% win rate.

Jhin blitz 5
It is impossible to play "safe" vs. this combination | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

If Blitzcrank gets you with his Q, you're done. I don't think I need to further explain that this combo is OP! Better to avoid playing against these freaks...

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4. Jinx & Sona

The title of really dangerous duo goes to – Jinx and Sona, who sport an even 53.36% win rate.

Jinx sona 4
Crescendo! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Ladies first! Only a decent CC could make Jinx unbeatable. That's why we choose Sona! These ladies perfectly complement each other with their abilities, which makes them really OP!

3. Kog'Maw & Milio

The next OP combination we present is Kog'Maw and Milio with a win rate of 54.91%.

Kog milio
"NO! PLEASE, SAVE ME" - the words of your opponents if you choose this duo. | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Even though Kog'Maw was already broken with Lulu, some buffs in the last patch made him even stronger with Milio! I hope your opponents don't read our articles... Honestly, going up against these two in lane is way too frustrating and should be illegal.

2. Zeri & Yuumi

Another unbeatable combination is Zeri and Yuumi, who sport an even 54.48% win rate.

Zeri yummi 2
Ban Zeri? Check! Ban Yuumi? Check! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

There is no mercy for your opponents in the late game with this combo. You probably know this duo is loved in the LoL esports scene, and after all, it's worth learning from the greatest!

1. Lucian & Yuumi

Our list is concluded by Lucian with Yuumi. Their win rate is a whopping 56.70%, and not without reason.

Lucian yuumi1
Meow! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

This duo = total domination in the lane. Believe me or not, but Yuumi is doing a great job fighting on the same side as Lucian. Since Lucian is currently incredibly strong, trying him out with an enchanter like Yuumi is a great idea. Besides, the combination of their two ultimate skills is nasty...

Hurry and try these champion combinations in-game!

So, that's it. Keep checking our site for updates on the best OP duo picks for the current patch.


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