These Are the Best Rengar Counters

Rengar just received some big changes this patch which has made him a popular champion again, so who do you play when the opposition locks the jungle cat in?
Mecha Rengar Splash HD
Watch out for his burst. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.6 has just been released and with it, we finally got the long-awaited Rengar update. Seriously, Riot announced this thing all the way back in Summer of 2021. Since then, we've had 4 interns working at EarlyGame.

So, with Rengar being the hot commodity this patch — everyone wants to test out the changes — we were thinking of looking at the best options when you see a Rengar locked in. Keep in mind, this is all about Rengar jungle, not the top lane. So, who are the best Rengar counters in League of Legends?

The Best Rengar Counter Champions

There are champions in every lane and role which could counter Rengar, but with this list, we're going to focus on the jungle. These are the champions that Rengar should be afraid of when he sees them on the enemy teams, whether it's because of their tankiness, burst or ability to just teamfight better. Let's go over them!

3. Warwick

Wolf vs. Kitten, who wins? Well, isn't it obvious that Warwick is just superior from a biological standpoint already? Okay, but low elo Rengar players should watch out, because Warwick is an absolute monster in the jungle. It was like Warwick's kit was designed to deal with Rengar.

Tundra Hunter Warwick Splash
Just look at those fangs! | © Riot Games

Warwick has everything you need to take down an enemy Rengar. The amount of lifesteal Warwick has is ridiculous and that mitigates the burst damage Rengar has, which means you can happily chew the cat to pieces with your Q. Oh, and your ultimate can stop any feeble attempt Rengar might make when he tries to kill you.

Even if you're injured and Rengar tries to approach, then you can just use your ultimate to jump behind a wall and into safety. Peace out Rengar, but we ain't fighting this one. Oh, and if you get the upper hand and injure Rengar, then you can sniff him out with your abilities as well.

2. Rammus

This rolling monster can't be pierced by Rengar's fangs. The kitten is an assassin and well, Rammus is a tanky ball of fear that won't be burst down quickly or easily, which makes this a pretty bad matchup for Rengar in the jungle.

Rammus 2
Rammus can simply ignore Rengar. | © Riot Games

Seriously, Rengar has so much armor that Rengar can scratch and claw at him as much as he wants, but Rammus just won't care or notice. Even if you're low health, all you need to do as Rammus is curl up and roll away to safety, Rengar won't ever be able to catch up. But guys, that's not all! Rammus also has some solid CC, one of which is a taunt that can easily destroy any Rengar during a teamfight.

1. Trundle

Okay, now comes the big guy himself. First, Rengar has to deal with the big bad wolf and getting rolled over by a spikey turtle, and now he has to try and evade a giant baseball bat as well? Yes, because Trundle can easily outplay Rengar in any situation.

Dragonslayer Trundle
Trundle can take on Rengar and a Dragon at the same time. | © Riot Games

We all know that trundles heal is laughable, right? And we don't mean because it's bad, but just because of how strong it is. So this giant troll will laugh at Rengar as he tries to burst him down. He's too tanky, deals a boat load of damage and heals at the same time.

Sure, Trundle doesn't have too much CC as other champions, but thanks to his own heal, he is at the top of the list right here. No squishy assassin like Rengar can deal with a Trundle in the jungle when the troll has his ultimate up.

This is our list of Rengar counters, which champions are you locking in the moment you see the reworked Rengar in your games?