LoL: Bug Causes Minions to Turn on Your Team and Attack Towers

A weird bug was found in League of Legends that makes minions attack their own tower... but the tower doesn't take damage from their incessant little attacks.

Lo L Minion header
These guys can have a mind of their own. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a pretty old game and is therefore based on some wonky code. This causes some hilarious bugs to appear every once in a while. One of the most recent bugs has people scratching their head though and let's be real... it's more annoying than anything else.

One Reddit user posted a clip of their game where the minions seemed to get a mind of their own, completely ruining the game. What could have caused this bug?

LoL Minions Become Sentient and Attack Their Own Tower

A clip has been circulating on Reddit which shows a large group of minions gathering around a tower and hitting it with their abilities. Nothing out of the norm there, eh? Well it would be if it wasn't their own tower. Sure, they attacked the tower as much as they wanted, but didn't do any damage, but the whole thing could be considered very annoying.

You need towers to defend your base, and you need minions as cannon fodder to keep you safe from enemy towers. Due to this bug the minions didn't move away from their own tower, staying there and just attacking it mindlessly.

Redditor Thinks Akshan is at Fault for LoL Minion Bug

One Reddit user explained that the minions attacking the tower could be due to some coding issues within the game due to one of Akshan's abilities. Akshan has a very unique hook ability with his E, which lets him hook into terrain and then swing around for as long as he wants.

According to one Reddit user, this ability spawns an untargetable helper for functionality. This helper can stay around for a long time and if some conditions are met the minions will somehow be able to target this helper, which could lead to this bug happening.

So, while we have this bug in the game it is very rare. There are a multitude of other in-game bugs that have plagued players, as well as even pro players at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, so who knows when Riot will get to fixing this bug.

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