LoL Worlds 2022: More Bugs Found: Is Another Champ Getting Disabled?

Orianna has been disabled after a bug was found during one of the games, but now fans are wondering if another champion is going to be getting disabled as well for the rest of Worlds.

Elderwood Gnar skin
Is Gnar next? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a game that is already over 10-years old. So of course, there will be some kinks and bugs to iron out, but to see them first hand at the biggest esports stage is a bit of a no-no. One of those bugs was found during a match and quickly Riot disabled the champion for the foreseeable future.

Another bug that has been disrupting play for quite some time also caused a huge stir in the community, so now players are wondering, is Riot going to ban this champion as well?

LoL Worlds 2022: Gnar Boomerang Bug

Gnar has been a very popular pick at the League of Legends World Championship thus far. In the Play-in Phase he was picked a total of 16 times and banned 8 times. While he hasn't seen this same success in the group phase, it does seem like players think he might be the solution to Aatrox (when it isn't Jax).

So, when DRX locked in Gnar against the LPL's second seed Top Esports no one thought much of it. But then the weird boomerang bug happened. Basically, Pyosik was roaming top for a dive under tower.

Top Esports top laner Wayward stayed put under his tower, avoiding the dive. Gnar, in mini form, is a ranged champion, threw out his Q and then backed off. The boomerang hit Wayward twice who then jumped out of the way, only for the boomerang to bug and instead of flying back to Kingen, ended up going in a completely different direction, hitting Wayward once more.

This play led to DRX getting first blood in the game which they eventually won. This clip was shown by YouTuber Vandiril who even explained that this isn't the first time this bug has impacted professional League of Legends.

This bug dates back all the way to 2021 where in an LEC game in April it was already seen. Another player even reported it to Riot and took videos to send to them, so it's not like they didn't know about it.

Will Gnar be Disabled for Worlds?

Thus far Riot has not made a statement, but it's also important to note that ahead of a tournament players and coaches receive a list of in-game bugs. Maybe this Gnar bug, with how long it's been around, was on the list and therefore players and fans will just have to live and deal with it?

Until now there is no official statement from Riot, but if we could please find a bug with Aatrox, that would be nice, because I'm sick and tired of this champion in the top lane. Please and thank you.