LoL Worlds Patch Hotfix: Orianna Is Back

Orianna was disabled at Worlds after a weird bug was found. Riot has since hotfixed the issue and re-enabled her for the second half of the Legaue of Legends World Championship group stage.

Orianna Wild Rift
Orianna in WR is okay, but not in LoL. | © Riot Games

Orianna is a champion we all know whether you hate her or love her, she's always somehow found a way to sneak into any pro meta and into any pro game. After finding a bug, Riot had disabled her for the time being though.

Orianna being disabled didn't have much of an effect on her though, since Riot has quickly acted to make her viable in pro play once more.

[Update October 12, 2022]

Orianna Re-Enabled for Worlds 2022

On October 12, Riot released another statement in which they announced that Orianna would be back on the rift for Worlds 2022. They hotfixed the issue with her orb and thus she will be playable for the second half of the group stage.

The inital bug happened when Rogue's mid laner Larssen played her against GAM Esports. While it had looked like the orb was on top of Orianna, but when he used his ultimate, Viktor who was far away, also got pulled into the ultimate. Hopefully this is the last bug we see. Is Gnar next to be hotfixed on this patch?

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Bug Forces Riot to Disabled Orianna

On October 10, 2022 Riot released a statement on Twitter explaining that Orianna is going to be disabled at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship until further notice. Thus far in the 2022 Group Stage Orianna had only been picked once in three days. She was played by Rogue's mid laner Larssen when they faced off against GAM Esports, the first seed of the VCS.

So, is it a big loss that Orianna is disabled? No. She's not a fun champion to watch and a very safe pick, but she is the type of champion you can pick if you're out of options. Due to this bug though she will be disabled until further notice and Riot figures out what they can do to fix this bug.

This isn't the only champion to be disabled for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. Riot also announced ahead of the tournament that the Udyr VGU will not be playable at the event. Last year, Riot also disabled Vex and Akshan at the World Championship, so it isn't rare to be missing a few champions.