Fudge Goes Back to the Top Lane

Ahead of the 2022 LCS Spring Split, Fudge moved from the top lane to the mid lane. This experiment has now ended with the young pro making his way back to the top lane.
C9 Fudge
Fudge is back to being a top laner. | © Riot Games

At the beginning of the 2022 Spring Split, Cloud9 looked amazing. They had a top tier top laner, one of the best junglers from North America and a great bot lane. They had a rocky start with the departure of head coach LS, but managed to finish the season in second place.

It's in the playoffs where the team struggled. A team which many believed to be the best in the LCS only managed to get fourth place, which means that the roster is going to have to be revamped, as is esports fashion. So what changes could Cloud9 be making?

Fudge to Move Back to Top Lane

One of the biggest changes will be the move of former top lane Fudge back to his original position. Ahead of the Spring Split, he role-swapped into the mid lane where he had to test out unique picks like Soraka mid, before settling on his champion pool.

This experiment seems to be over though. According to Upcomer, the LCS star will go back to his original position and replace the LCS Spring Split MVP Summit ahead of the 2022 Summer Split.

Who Will Replace Fudge in the Mid Lane?

There are multiple options for C9 to replace Fudge. According to the same Upcomer article, the team is trying to get their hands on their former mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer, but the mid laner is also in talks with the LEC's MAD Lions.

Other options are C9's Academy mid laner Jouhan “Copy” Pathmanathan, who would count as an NA resident since he's from Canada.

One of the issues with finding a replacement for Fudge in the mid lane is the resident issue, with Berserker counting as an import and Cloud9 wanting to keep the young bot lane talent on their squad for the Summer Split.

Who knows what C9 will continue to do to build an LCS winning roster. Will the team look for a new support as well, or stick with Isles and Winsome? Is Zven making a comeback in the LCS? So many questions and none of them have been answered.