TSM Wins After Firing Coach

The playoff race continues in the LCS as multiple teams qualify for the 2022 LCS playoffs, but who can still make it?

TSM Huni
TSM make some strides in player development. | © Riot Games

Who would have thought that we’d still see TSM win a game this split? Who would have thought that they even beat the number one team in the LCS? Seriously, anyone who had money on TSM for that match is rich now.

But what else happened throughout this weekend? Is Cloud9 still the number one team in the standings?

Upset Wins Left and Right

As already mentioned, the biggest upset of week 7 of the LCS was none other than TSM winning – quite dominantly, might I add – against the number one seed C9. The fire between TSM and C9 has been reignited and has given us hope for some excitement in the summer. All this after TSM let their head of player development go after allegations of financial irregularities – that’s a nice way to put it, eh?

FlyQuest continue to cling onto a playoff spot thanks to a surprise win over second-place Team Liquid this weekend. Johnsun surprised the TL bot lane with his Tristana pick, and even though it was a wobbly early game, FlyQuest managed to rake in the win.

100 Thieves managed to qualify for the playoffs thanks to two wins this weekend. Evil Genius and Immortals didn’t have a chance against the reigning LCS champions, which solidified their spot as one of the best teams from the LCS.

Fight For Playoffs Continues

While FlyQuest has solidified their spot in the standings with the win over Team Liquid, breaking a three-game loss streak, Evil Genius, Dignitas and Golden Guardians are nipping at their heels for the final few spots in the playoffs.

The aforementioned three teams are all 7-8 right now and tied for fifth place. Only the top six teams of the regular split will move onto the playoffs, so the final weekend is going to either make or break multiple team's hopes and dreams.

Evil Genius should be a favorite just from previous experience, the team has potential, but hasn’t been able to show their consistency throughout the regular split. Golden Guardians and Dignitas are two teams most hadn’t thought would even be in this position, but with solid performances, either of them could also make the playoffs.

When Do The 2022 LCS Playoffs Start?

The 2022 LCS Playoffs will kick off on April 2, 2022 and end on April 24, 2022. The finals will take place in Houston, Texas in front of a large crowd of fans. Finally, some normalcy has returned, but which teams will be able to stand on the live stage?

Standings After Week 6 of LCS

1Cloud 912 - 3
2Team Liquid11 - 4
3100 Thieves10 - 5
4FlyQuest8 - 7
5Evil Genius7 - 8
Dignitas7 - 8
Golden Guardians7 - 8
8CLG5 - 10
9Immortals4 - 11
TSM4 - 11