Pentakills, Upsets & More at LCS Lock In

The LCS Lock in quarterfinals just finished. Who has moved onto the semifinals and has a chance to win the whole tournament?

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The LCS Lock In tournament has been underway and we’re starting to see some pretty exciting results. Who will take the W by the end of it all and who will falter as we head into the semifinals next weekend?

This weekend saw some exciting matches, with some pretty big upsets hitting the rift as well. So, who can we expect to see in the semi-finals for LCS Lock In?

Dignitas Upset Over 100 Thieves

100 Thieves were the number one team from NA going into the 2021 World Championship and the reigning LCS champions. There was a lot of hope going into LCS Lock In for the young roster, but it seems their hopes were cut short by none other than Dignitas. Who would have thought that?

100 Thieves had been the winners of their group, facing off against fourth-placed Dignitas in the match. Who would have thought that the underdogs could win through smart objective control and team fighting.

Team Liquid Show off Bot Lane Duo

Team Liquid has one of the best rosters on paper - if they could get their visa issues figured out. Until now, we haven’t been able to witness the true power that is CoreJJ and Hans Sama, but against FlyQuest, TL brought out their ace pair.

Bwipo had to sit this game out, but Team Liquid managed to sweep FlyQuest with ease even without the veteran top laner. When CoreJJ gets his green card, this will be a roster to watch out for!

EG Danny Gets Pentakill

Evil Genius has been one of the most exciting teams to watch during LCS Lock In. Danny is the player to watch this season. He’s already made a name for himself in 2021, but it seems like 2022 is going to be his year if he continues to play the way he has.

Even though Golden Guardians put up good fights early, the team couldn’t hold off Evil Genius’. In the first game, Danny was on Senna and with his pentakill helped march the team to victory. They took the second game with ease, rolling into the semi-final as heavy favorites.

Cloud9 Joins the Party

The only series which went to all three games was the series between Cloud9 and Counterlogic Gaming. C9 took the win in the first match, but CLG managed to find their footing in the second match.

Cloud9 has an exciting roster of native and imported talent. With Fudge making the switch to the mid lane, all eyes were on this team, and they delivered in the final match, cruising into the semifinals.

When Are the LCS Lock In Semifinals?

The LCS semifinals will take place on Friday, with Team Liquid taking on Dignitas at 23:30 CET. The second semifinal is between Cloud9 and Evil Genius on Saturday at 22:30 CET. Make sure to tune in to the official stream on Twitch or on YouTube!

Will we get to see some more Vex or Akshan being played in the upcoming games? Hopefully, none of these annoying champions will hit the rift. We want to see fun games, not snoozers.