How To Get Expertise Challenge Titles

Challenges are new to League of Legends, so it's no wonder you have no idea how to handle them. We'll show you how.
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You want to be an Expert? | © Riot Games

Riot Games recently introduced Challenges to the League of Legends client. Through these, players can personalize their loading screens and profiles accordingly. They're also able to show off their skill in new and fun ways.

There are various ways to do this, but today, we're going to be taking a look at one specific category in which you can earn prestige. Today, we'll check out Expertise challenges and how to earn the different titles available for your profile.

Expertise Challenge Titles

These titles are given to players who know what they're doing when they step foot onto Summoner's Rift. With Expertise titles, you'll be showing off that yes, you can farm minions, yes you can be the carry on your team.

It's important to note that you can only earn these titles by playing on Summoner's Rift. Sorry, ARAM lovers, we'll get to you another day.


LegendEarn Points from Challenges in the Flair, Behemoth, Slayer and Predator groups
MastermindEarn Points from Challenegs in the Cornerstone, Visionary and Precision groups
G.O.A.TEarn Points from Challenegs in the Domination, Unrivaled and Perfection groups


LethalEarn points from Challenegs in the Adept Group
Unkillable DemonWin games without dying
Lethal EfficiencyKill 80 lane minions within 10 minutes


DominantEarn points from Challenges in the Domination group
SpitfireWin games where you were at least 100CS ahead of your role opponent at any point in the game


UnrivaledEarn points from Challenges in the Unrivaled group
ScoutTakedown the most wards int he game (you must takedown at least one ward)


PerfectEarn points from Challenged in the Perfection group
ProdigyBecome Legendary (eight kill streak) within 15 minutes


Show-OffEarn points from Challenges in the Flair group


BehemothEarn points from Challenges in the Behemoth group

Absolute Unit

Take 10K pre-mitigation damage from champions ina single fight without dying


MaverickEarn points from Challenges in the Slayer group

Get kills while more enemy champions than friendly ones are nearby

Lone Wolf

Get solo kills (no assists from allied champions)


PredatorEarn points from Challenegs in the Predator group
Crab WranglerAs jungler, take both the initial two scuttle crab spawns
InvaaderGet kills on the enemy jungler in their own jungle before 10 minutes


CornerstoneEarn points from Challenges in Cornerstone group
All-SeeingHave over 2 vision score per minute


VisionaryEarn points from Challenges in Visionary group
Ward WardenProtect wards by being nearby when an enemy damages it but it survives

Magnum Opus

Top TierEarn points from Challenges in Magnum Opus group
S+Earn an S+ grade on different champions
MasterfulEarn rank in Ranked Solo/Duo Queue. You must finish provisionals
KDA PlayerGet a KDA over 3 in Ranked Solo/Duo Queue

These are all the Expertise titles you can earn while playing League of Legends in the coming months. Some of these titles are probably already yours, but there are quite a few challenges you can still earn.

Expertise Tokens

The challenges we showed you up top are the ones where you can earn a title, but you'll also be able to get tokens for many more challenges, which you can find on the League of Legends client.

Where to Find the Expertise Challenge Tokens and Titles

You will have to log into League of Legends and follow these simple steps to be able to view your Challenge rank, as well as the tokens and titles you've earned.

  1. Log into League of Legends Account
  2. Go Onto Profile in the top right
  3. Check Challenges
  4. Go on 'Expertise'

Here you'll be able to see all the Expertise challenges and the ranks you've earned. Then you also know which challenges you'll have to take up in the future.

Hopefully, you'll be able to earn those mastery points on Aphelios to truly show off just how skilled you are. If you're having trouble earning S+ scores on other champions, though, make sure to check out our champion guides! Maybe this guide for Ahri will be helpful?