LoL New Dawnbringer & Nightbringer Skins: Champions, Price & More

Riot recently revealed their brand-new Inkshadow skins, but with the same patch we are going to receive even more skins. The Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer skin line is making a return with four new champions so let's check out what these LoL skins have in store for us.

Nightbringer jarvan splash
LoL: Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skins will be available soon. | © Riot Games

Riot recently buffed Vayne and it seems that players now understand why the champion has received a significant buff. She, alongside some other champions, will be receiving brand-new skins in the Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer skin line.

These skins will be released alongside some of the Inkshadow skins which are going to be the 2023 MSI skin line, celebrating the second-biggest esports tournament in LoL esports. So you'll need to choose wisely whether you want new Dawnbringer & Nightbringer skins, or go for the brand-new skin line.

Which LoL Champions Will Get Dawnbringer & Nightbringer Skins?

Four champions in total will be added to the already vast skin line. Of course, two champions are going to get Dawnbringer skins while the other two will have Nightbringer skins. Though some fans are wondering when Diana and Leona will finally get their couple skins and well... this skin line would be perfect.

Spoiler alert: Sadly Leona and Diana are not part of the Dawnbringer & Nightbringer skin line this time around again...

  • Dawnbringer Vayne
  • Dawnbringer Renekton
  • Nightbringer Jarvan IV
  • Nightbringer Nasus

It's nice to see both Renekton and Nasus play out their sibling rivalry in this skin line as well. Renekton is getting a Dawnbringer skin, while Nasus is getting a Nightbringer skin.

How Much Will The New Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer Skins Cost?

These skins are all going to be Epic tier skins. Riot is also going to be releasing the first batch of Inkshadow skins a couple of weeks before the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, as well as LoL Patch 13.9 for the MSI event, wherein Master Yi will receive a legendary and Yasuo a prestige skin.

While Riot has released multiple prestige skins during an event before, like during the Lunar New Year, this time won't be the case with every skin going for the usual 1350 RP that every single new skins costs these days.

Okay, but Heimerdinger with a skin like this would be dope...

Will Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer Get An Event?

There will not be a specific event for these skins this time around. These skins will release in April and the Faerie Court event will still be going on then. There are also not enough skins for Riot to release a Skin Showcase, which means that there will not be an event. Though, you can look forward to an event for MSI 2023.

Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer: Release Date

These skins will be released in LoL Patch 13.8. This means that the patch will go live April 20, 2023. Skins and cosmetic content usually goes live a day after the initial patch drops, so you can pick them up Thursday, after the LoL Patch 13.8 goes live.

The Inkshadow skins Riot revealed will likely follow the week after in a mid-patch skin drop, something they've done before on a number of occasions. But now the real question is whether your favorite team will even make it to MSI. Mine has already qualified.

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