The Isle of Man - the True European LoL Regional Powerhouse!

The EU Masters Main Event groups have reached the halfway mark. Here is what we saw so far:

X7 has taken the NLC by storm and seems ready to do the same to the EU Masters| © Riot Games

The LEC playoffs are over, but during the break before the Mid-Season Invitational there is another big tournament to tide fans of European League of Legends over - the EU Masters. The tournament, which brings the top teams from the regional leagues together, is now in its main event phase. With the top 16 teams divided in four groups, we had a chance to take a look at how the different regions measure up - the results may surprise you!

NLC’s Twin Stars

After Fnatic Rising finally gave the NLC region something to cheer for last summer, expectations for the UK and Nordic region were higher - and so far, they look promising. X7 Esports reigns supreme in group B, even defeating a Karmine Corp roster with big veterans like Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet and Martin "Rekkles" Larsson. Meanwhile, the region’s second seed Bifrost is currently tied with Fnatic TQ (now representing the Spanish league) in group C. Can these two teams hold the line? We’ll have to see.

The LFL Has A Lot of Depth

The French regional league has long been a source of top ERL teams, and this time it has no less than four representatives that ended the week with a 9:3 record - two of them running undefeated. Vitality.Bee was the most impressive of the group, winning their bouts against Ultraliga champions AGO Rogue and the DACH region second seed Eintracht Spandau, but LDLC OL and Karmine Corp were also in very good form. Team BDS Academy is the odd man out, struggling in a very close group C with a 1:2 record but it is hard to count out the team that beat Vitality.Bee and KCorp in the domestic championship.

Central Europe’s Leagues Struggle

The Ultraliga and the Prime League have traditionally been two of the biggest leagues in Europe, but so far their representatives are not having a great time. While AGO Rogue and Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition hold on to second place in their respective groups, the rest of the region’s representatives languish at 1-2. Their groups are heavily contested and second week upsets are possible, for sure, but fans might have to dial down the hopium a bit.

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The EU Masters continues on Thursday, April 21st, with six games between the group D teams. You can watch them on Twitch in the official EU Masters channel or on the many regional broadcasts!