League of Legends: Fans Voice Frustration with Event Pass Grind

League of Legends fans are done with the Even Pass system in LoL and have voiced their opinions on multiple occasions. Now they're even comparing it to the Fortnite battle pass and how that system could improve the LoL event experience.

Faerie Court Ezreal splash art
League of Legends: The Event Pass system needs to change according to fans. | © Riftfeed

The Faerie Court event in the League of Legends client is live, meaning it's back to the same old grind to get just enough tokens to be able to afford the prestige Faerie Court Katarina skin.

Some fans have had enough of the grind though and are sick and tired of the way Riot is handling events in League of Legends. Other games from Riot can do it, hell even League of Legends events in other regions can't do it, so why is it so difficult to make a change for better events?

Fans Furious Over Even Pass Nerfs in League of Legends

Event passes in League of Legends haven't changed much since their inception all the way back in 2018 and fans are done with the way events are being handled. One Reddit user even lamented the fact that while the pass does not change, it seems that no event pass is ever without some form of issue.

You either get nerfed rewards, Don't get your content you pay for, or both, but each pass has somthing 'Break'.

It seems that players are so frustrated they're even taking inspiration from competitor, begging Riot to make some changes. In the thread, one Redditor explained that League should take Fortnite as an example, where players receive more than what you paid for.

In Fortnite players can receive a battle pass once per season and players are able to obtain more cosmetics than what you'll know to do with. While the League battle passes often contain random event orbs where any skin from the 1,500 skins in the game can be obtained, meaning it's highly unlikely to pull a skin you want from the event orbs and loot boxes.

Fans have also complained that pass mission XP has been consistently nerfed with every single League of Legends event pass. During the 2022 League of Legends World Championship event some missions gave 1,000 event XP, while that number has dropped to 700 with the Faerie Court event, meaning it will take longer to reach the amount of tokens needed for the event prestige.

It doesn't seem like Riot will be making any changes to the event system for League of Legends. As long as fans continue to buy the pass, Riot will not be making changes to the system it seems.

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