LoL Hot Fix Patch 13.6 Released - Milio Nerfs, Bugfixes & More

LoL Patch 13.6 just went live and with it a new champion released, as well as some bugs that made the game pretty unplayable.

Milio Faerie Court Splash
LoL: Major bug fixes! | © Riot Games

Riot just released their newest League of Legends champion, Milio, but it seems he’s been a little too hot right off the get-go, hence why he was nerfed a day after his release. Now, Riot have outlined some more mid-patch hotfixes they’ve added.

Not only has Milio been too strong, but some other major bugs have infiltrated the game which have made it pretty unbearable for some players. Therefore, they were added into a quick hotfix patch along with Milio nerfs.

LoL Bug Causes Players’ Mana To Increase Indefinitely

One of the main issues that shipped in LoL Patch 13.6 was the infinite mana increase bug which took hold of anyone who took Biscuit Delivery as one of their runes. Bugs occasionally show up in the game, but this one was far too game breaking to leave in for another two weeks.

When receiving Biscuits of Everlasting Will through the Biscuit Delivery Rune, players could simply sell the Biscuits and then undo the sale which would increase their mana indefinitely.

How did this bug make it into LoL in the first place though? Well, it could come from a previous bug fix in LoL Patch 13.6, wherein a players' mana lowered when undoing a shop purchase, when said player has Biscuits in their inventory… well now it has basically done the opposite!

Thankfully, in the hotfix patch notes, Riot noted that they have fixed this bug and hopefully didn’t add another new bug wherein players gain increased mana. We don’t want another Yuumi + Tear moment or a Ryze + Waterwalking bug.

Multiple Champion Fixes and Milio Nerfs

Milio Nerfs in LoL Patch 13.6 Hotfix

Milio is the newest champion in League of Legends and he’s very strong, starting off with a 51.5% win rate right off the bat. Therefore Riot had to nerf him a day after his release

  • Passive - Fired up!: Empowered auto attack AD scaling adjusted from 15-50% (based on level) ⇒ 15-35% (based on level)
  • W - Cozy Campfire: Healing adjusted from 80/110/140/170/200 ⇒ 70/90/110/130/150
  • E - Warm Hugs: Shield strength adjusted from 60/90/120/150/180 (+30% AP) ⇒ 60/80/100/120/140 (+25% AP). Cooldown adjusted from 17/16/15/14/13 ⇒ 18/17/16/15/14

Milio is a great mid and late game champion who needs a lot of mana and cooldown attention in the early stages, so Riot has made some more adjustment to that with his E, as well as bring down the power of his passive and healing in hiw W.

Learn how to play Milio:

Game Breaking Bugs Fixed

It seems like Illaoi and Milio have made the game crash quite a few times. These bugs have been fixed in the hotfix as well, so now Illaoi can play against champions with cloning abilities and actualy use her E without making the game crash, as well as the bug with Milio that made games crash for some players.

Overall, these were some expected quick nerfs and fixes, so now that Riot has revealed them it’s time we pick up the new Faerie Court skins so we can grind the event and get the previous new prestige skin without worrying about games crashing.

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