Rumour: Rekkles to Return to Fnatic's LoL Roster in 2023

At this point it's a toxic relationship, right? League of Legends star player Rekkles will once again join Fnatic according to sources. Where will Upset go though?

League of Legends: Rekkles back in the LEC?! | © Riot Games

Fnatic didn't have the easiest summer split, barely making it into the LEC Playoffs to try and qualify for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. Sure, their playoff run was impressive with bot laner Upset popping off on picks like Zeri, but then Fnatic faltered right at the end.

The World Championship also didn't go their way which means the team is looking for some major changes. Will bringing back Rekkles really be the answer to the team's success in 2023?

League of Legends: Rekkles to Make His LEC Comeback on Fnatic

Rekkles has been pretty outspoken about his return to the LEC throughout the League of Legends World Championship while streaming and making content regarding the biggest esports event. He gave some insights into his time on G2 Esports, going as far as to say that the team f*cked him over.

He's also expressed his desire to return to the LEC, even saying he would play in the support role. Well, now according to sources, it seems like this will become a reality, with Rekkles likely to come back to the professional scene. The team he will play on? Fnatic.

Which Fnatic Players Are Likely to Return in 2023?

According to Esportsmaniacos, some rumours have begun to float around regarding the composition of the 2023 LEC squad. Some players will stay, while others seem to be looking for new teams and new opportunities at the highest level of play in Europe.

So, which players will return? Jungler Razork, who has been one of the strongest performers, and is still very young, will likely be around in 2023. He will keep his solo laners by his side as well with both Wunder and Humanoid rumoured to stick with Fnatic in the next season.

Now this is a pick I've been raving about for way too long! Finally, its value has come to light:

Players and Staff Likely to Leave Fnatic

With the likely return of Rekkles to the bot lane it seems like Upset will have to look for a new home in 2023. The bot laner helped catapult Fnatic to the World Championship, but he underperformed in the second week of the event, causing the team to be eliminated in the group stage already.

Support player Hylissang is also out of Fnatic next year if the leaks from Esportsmaniacos are to be believed. Hylissang has been a part of the roster since 2017 and has the longest tenure on Fnatic. His contract is also until 2023, but it seems it will be terminated early.

Fnatic head coach YamatoCannon might also be leaving the squad and joining a new venture. He's coached multiple teams before, even coaching in the LCK a while ago. It is rumoured that he could be heading to the LCS for a new coaching position.

These are just rumours for now, but it seems like Fnatic could be a very different team in 2023. With the return of Rekkles we could see the entire team chemistry shift around. What do you think of this change?

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