LoL: This Player Has More Deaths Than Anyone Else In Worlds History

The League of Legends World Championship is in its 12th year and some players have been a part of it for a long time, but out of all the players, which ones have died the most in LoL Worlds history? That's what we will find out today.

Most deaths at Worlds
Who is the player with the most deaths at Worlds? | © Riot Games

Faker reached the 100 game mark at the League of Legends World Championship earlier this month. He also surpassed Uzi in amount of kills at the LoL Worlds. But is he also the holder of the record of most deaths? With so many games under his belt it would make sense, right?

Well, there is someone who has surpassed even the unkillable demon king himself in this category, but how many games has it taken this player to reach new heights in terms of deaths at the World Championship? Let's find out!

LoL Worlds: Who Has Died The Most in Worlds History?

The award for the most deaths in League of Legends Worlds history goes to none other than Fnatic support player Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov. After the LoL Worlds 2022 group stage he has taken the crown in terms of deaths at the League of Legends World Championship.

In 53 World Championship matches Hylissang has raked in a total of 217 deaths. That's three deaths more than the number two spot on our list – Perkz who has 214 deaths in 86 games.

Sure, Hylissang has more deaths and he has played around 30 games less than Perkz, but when looking at his playstyle, it makes sense that he is one to die so often. He sacrifices himself for his team, to create space and opportunities for his carries to, well... carry. And we know we'd rather have our support die than our fed 5/0/3 Aphelios, right?

Hyli you're not playing URF at Worlds, are you?

Top Players With Most Deaths In Worlds History

As already mentioned, Perkz is a close second with a 214 deaths in 86 games. Who is the third? None other than Faker himself. Coming in at number three he's played 103 games and died 213 times. With both Hyli out of the World Championship and Perkz not even attending the event in North America, it is highly likely that by the end of the tournament Faker will also be number one in deaths.

Please note this article was written before the quarterfinal between RNG and T1, so anything can change then and we might have a whole new king of deaths at the leaderboard. But are you really vying for this position?

Fnatic's top laner Wunder is in the number four spot with 203 deaths in 73 games and the top five is rounded out by Evil Geniuses top laner Impact who has 187 deaths in 84 games at the League of Legends World Championship.

The ADC with the most deaths is former C9 bot laner Sneaky with 172 deaths in 75 games and the jungler that has died the most is Jankos, who has died 185 times in 75 games. So, will Faker break another record and reach new heights in terms of dying? He has been focused quite a lot throughout the group stage so we could see him take the crown as well.

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