Hilarious K'Sante Bug Gets Fixed Before Champion Release

We all know League of Legends isn't a perfect game with bugs popping up left, right and center. Well, the new champion K'Sante has a rather interesting interaction that could have made for some hilarious plays, but Riot decided to remove this before he goes live in LoL Patch 12.21. Was this a 'bug' worth removing though?

Empyrean K'Sante Splash
This League of Legends skin looks so dope! | © Riot Games

League of Legends has some pretty interesting bugs, like Gnar's boomerang going wherever it pleases instead of back into the waiting arms of the small Yordle, or even Darius ultimate not resetting at specific times. These are all things we have to live with when playing LoL.

Now, Riot has decided to remove an interaction from K'Sante before he gets released in LoL Patch 12.21. Is this removal unnecessary though or is Riot right to stop this from happening before it makes your solo queue games even more unbearable?

LoL: K'Sante Yeets Playes Halfway Through the Map

We have all seen the clips. One champion, or training dummy, standing in the alcove and K'Sante walking up, using his ultimate to whip the object all the way into their own base, ending up in fountain. K'Sante teleports to the enemy hit, landing in the fountain as well along with his target.

The League of Legends number one bug finder Vandiril has also shown this off on the Howling Abyss map where K'Sante is able to force a player all the way back to their own Nexus with his ultimate as well. Though, this interaction does not work with Taliyah's ultimate, which is kind of sad if you ask me.

This isn't a bug, but it is a wild Heimerdinger in the Support role:

Riot Removes K'Sante Ultimate Interaction

Now, shortly before the release of the new top lane champion, Riot Llama tweeted out that they will be adjusting the ultimate interaction for K'Sante, stopping him from being able to whip an enemy all the way to their base from the alcove again.

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Fans have stated that out of all the bugs in the game, this one had to be the one Riot fixes right away... when this technically isn't even a bug since this is the wanted interaction of K'Sante's ultimate. It has also been noted that to achieve this huge ultimate the enemy and K'Sante would have had to be at the right angles to make it happen, which in a game situation could be tricky.

K'Sante Ultimate Interaction Not Removed Completely

It's also important to note that this interaction has only been removed from Summoner's Rift. YouTuber and content creator RossBoomsocks has made a video and stated that the interaction still works on the ARAM map. So, if you're standing in the right spot you will be able to yeet your enemy all the way back to their base... and well you'll go with them.

Was the removal of this ultimate interaction unnecessary or something Riot had every right to change? Let us know in the comment section below! Until the release of K'Sante we will have to just watch the LoL Worlds with T1 and JDG facing off Saturday, while Gen.G and DRX go head-to-head on Sunday.

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