LoL: How Riot Erased The Game's Most Known Bird From History

Let's see, what has Riot done this time? *Flicks through notes* They've...erased a bird? But not any bird! LoL's most famous bird, and people miss him already.

Lo L Quinn Splash
I mean, Valor is included in every splash art, so why not in Quinn's icon? | © Riot Games

Riot is known for leaving their community wanting more sometimes, and this time it's a bird. You heard me right.

Quinn's bird Valor, to be exact. He doesn't seem to be getting enough love, and the LoL community wants to change that.

Why People Are Mad Over This Bird's Erasure

Quinn New Icon Lo L2
Have you seen this woman's bird? Me neither. | © Riot Games

People over on Reddit have noticed something interesting, following the discovery of the new champ icons that were shown in LoL's current PBE.

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It seems Quinn's bird, Valor, has been removed from her icon art. But why do people care so much about a bird?

I have had enough of the Valor erasure.
by u/QUINN_VALOR_VGU_WHEN in leagueoflegends

Well, Valor is an important part of Quinn's abilities, being a part of not only 3 of her 4 abilities, but also her passive as well. You can even see him in all of Quinn's splash arts for her skins.

Apparently, Quinn was originally supposed to be released as a duo with Valor, similar to Nunu and Willump, Lamb and Wolf (Kindred) or Kled and Skaarl.

The reason why this didn't happen back in March 2013 is supposedly because the name "Quinn and Valor" would have been too long for the loading screen, but they've obviously fixed that problem since 2013, so why not change the name now?

Instead of pushing Quinn and Valor as a duo, Riot seems to be erasing Valor from Quinn's appearance, even though he's just as important as Quinn.

I mean, imagine Nunu without Willump, or Lamb without Wolf. Not only would it seem weird, these duos wouldn't be half as powerful as they are now!

Some seem to think that this will only go on until Valor is completely removed from LoL. One Redditor to some creative liberties in their take on this idea:

"Valor? Valor?, Valor to me!"
She says, not knowing that Valor passed away 6 years ago. You see, Quinn had been taken to the mental asylum for treatment. We broke the news to her years ago but she's in heavy denial. "Valor, Valor" that's all you'll hear if you pass by her cell. We really hope her condition improves but... the doctors say it will only get worse in time.

Let's just hope it doesn't have to come down to that.

Valor isn't the only creature that isn't shown enough love in the new icons, Lulu's faerie pix is also nowhere to be found.

Why are you trying to remove characters that make champs iconic and special, Riot? Show them some love and appreciation!

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