LCS Summer Split 2022: Schedule, Teams & More

You want to know when the LCS Summer Split 2022 begins? Who will take part? Everything you need to know here.

MSI is over, RNG are once again the reigning champions, and now we're left with nothing else to watch except for these wonderful videos of our favorite champs... but not for long.

Summer Splits for each region will soon begin once more. While we will cover the LCK and LPL Summer Splits on Riftfeed, our League of Legends website, we focus on LEC and LCS right here. Right now, it's LCS time.

LCS Summer Split 2022

When Will LCS Summer Split 2022 Begin?

Summer Split for the LCS in 2022 will begin on June 17th and will last until August 20. Following will be an eventful couple of days. The teams will play three full days of games, and you will be able to watch plenty of League excitement then. Originally, the LCS Summer Split was supposed to start on June 18th, but we're getting it one day early. Nice one, Riot, nice one.

You can find the complete Summer Split Schedule here.

Which Teams Are Part Of LCS Summer Split 2022?

As always, a total of ten teams will be a part of this year's LCS Summer Split. They are:


Evil Geniuses

12 - 3
100 Thieves12 - 3


CLG10 - 5

Team Liquid Honda10 - 5


Cloud98 - 7



7 - 8

5 - 10


Immortals Progressive4 - 11

Golden Guardians4 - 11



3 - 12

If you're interested, you can purchase LCS Summer Split tickets here. Keep in mind that you will need to show proof of vaccination, though.

Remember: the top 3 teams of the Summer Split are the ones that will be able to go to Worlds in NA this year.

Once the games of this year's LCS Summer Split have begun, we will update this article with all the scores and highlights. In the meantime, we will patiently be waiting for Bel'Veth and some new Seraphine skins. Because that's what we needed... obviously.