C9 Release Multiple Players

There have been rumors floating around regaring the 2022 Summer Split LCS squad for C9 and it seems they're all true.
Summit C9
Summit is now a free agent. | © Riot Games

Fudge is returning to the top lane and the mid lane will likely be occupied by none other than Jensen. At least after the latest news from Cloud9, this will likely be the case for the 2022 Spring Split fourth place squad. The season had started off well, but playoffs hadn't gone as fans expected, which prompted the org to make multiple changes.

The top lane and support position will see new (?) faces in the 2022 LCS Summer Split, with the org letting go three of their players. So, who can we expect, and how true are all the rumors that have been floating around lately? Let's take a quick look at C9 and what they will look like in the summer of 2022.

C9 Release Summit, Isles and Winsome

Three players are being let go ahead of the 2022 LCS Summer Split. One of those players was even the 2022 LCS Spring Split MVP in Park "Summit" Woo-tae who came over to the LCS from the LCK earlier this year to play under Nick "LS" De Cesare.

Everything changed though as LS was let go after only a few weeks behind the bench as head coach. The change hadn't affected the team too much, but Cloud9 imploded during the playoffs, only ending in fourth place.

On May 2, 2022 Cloud9 announced that they were parting ways with Summit, as well as their two support players Winsome and Isels. They are now free agents for any team to pick up.

EG Dashboard Garen
Check out everything you need to know about Garen! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Who Will Replace Summit, Isles and Winsome?

Rumors have been floating around that Jensen will be making his comeback to the LCS. He started his professional career with Cloud9, so returning to play alongside Blaber would be ideal for the mid laner. With Fudge returning to the top lane, Jensen would definitely make sense in the mid lane.

As for the support position, we might be seeing someone familiar. Zven could be making his comeback to the LCS, but not in the position we thought to see him in, but rather as a support player. What would you think of such a veteran player switching position so late into his career?

Would you think that this roster of players can take on the potential TSM roster? Or do you think a team like Team Liquid who aren't making changes will be the best team in the LCS next year? Of course, we're all going to see how Evil Geniuses does at this year's Mid-Season Invitational.