Bel'Veth Trailers Leaked

Bel'Veth is the next League of Legends champion and it seems her trailers have been leaked, which means her release is inching ever closer.

Riot just had their big Legends of Runeterra event not too long ago, but it seems some information for League of Legends has also ended up being leaked right after the event... like two trailers for the next League of Legends champion — Bel'Veth the Empress of the Void.

So, let's quickly check out the trailers and try to find out whether there is any more information on the 160th League of Legends champion coming to Summoner's Rift.

Vel'Koz and Malzahar Trailers

In the two trailers, Bel'Veth herself is not visible, instead we get to see both Malzahar and Vel'Koz respectively, the two playing important roles in the upcoming League of Legends Void Event.

One trailer centers around Vel'Koz with Bel'Veth narrating that his "watchers are incapable of understanding... I [Bel'Veth] am the Void." She also vows to remake all of Runeterra. During her speech, images of Void creatures and Void fish swarming the world can be seen.

The second trailer is also narrated by Bel'Veth, though here she is speaking to her prophet, Malzahar. She announces her arrival and tells Malzahar that he will witness a reward which is going to be nothing more than the destruction of Runeterra or as Bel'Veth likes to say 'the end of everything'.

Bel'Veth Visuals Shown

We might not see much of Bel'Veth in these trailers, but at the end of both of them we do catch a short glimpse of what could be Bel'Veth herself. She would be a three-eyed creature with fair skin. Her eyes hued in a purple glow, as it is certain with anything Void related.

Other than that, we do not see much of her body, but it leaves us wanting more. These trailers were leaked and are currently unlisted on the official League of Legends YouTube channels. The day May 20, 2022 is in the description when they probably should have gone live. But we're expecting more news on Bel'Veth then!

So, did this get anyone else excited for some League of Legends jungle champion? Well, the Void event seems to be nearing, with the League of Legends logo also getting corrupted by the end.