New Recalls For Honor Level 5

Riot Games wants to reward good player behavior in 2022. A new honor level 5 recall could be the start of those rewards.

Honor Level 4
You'll need to reach Honor Level 5 for these new rewards. | © Riot Games

At the beginning of the 2022 League of Legends season, Riot announced that instead of merely punishing bad player behavior, they also wanted to reward those players that show good sportsmanship in their League of Legends games.

So, what can players receive in 2022 for being well-honored players? There are more new things Riot is adding than the usual capsules to reward players for their good behavior in 2022. What have they shown off on Twitter?

New Recall Animation For Honor Level 5 Players

If you managed to gain Honor Level 5 in League of Legends, then you won't just have a little Honor icon showing on your profile and loading screen, but you'll also be receiving a new recall from Riot Games. This new recall was recently revealed on Twitter by VFX artist Kritsy Doan.

The new recall shows off the Honor level 5 icon, as well as surround the champion in amber and gold hues, the colors of Honor level 5. So, if you continue to be a good teammate, then you can keep earning Honor levels and receive this recall.

Not sure how it looks? Just check out the video Kristy Doan posted on Twitter below, and you'll know why you want to stop flaming your teammates.

This unique honor recall will only be available for those players who reach the final stage of the honor ranking system, so it could take a while for you to get this specific recall. But it's not the only thing you can receive for being a 'honorable' player. There are more rewards waiting for you if you reach honor level 5.

Other Rewards For Honor Level 5

Players can also receive more goodies for reaching the final Honor level in League of Legends. Those who reach Honor level 5 get 'honor 5 tokens' with which they're able to purchase skins and chromas for Gray Warwick and Medieval Twitch.

But what if you've already got those skins and chromas? Well, Riot is also working on a unique skin just for those of you who have reached Honor level 5. But which champion and what skin hasn't been revealed yet. Will these types of incentives keep players from being toxic in their games, or will Riot have to do more to get the toxicity out of the game?