LEC Finals MVP: ROG Comp

Rogue proved to be up to the challenge to earn their first LEC title, and no one rose up quite like our Finals MVP - Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos.

Comp game2
Comp was on fire! | © Riot Games

The LEC Finals week brought the three best teams of Europe together to determine the champion for two last Best of Five series. After defeating Rogue and sending them to the lower bracket semifinal, G2 Esports would wait in the final for their challenger. Meanwhile, Fnatic and Rogue would clash once more in the lower bracket. The last time those two met in a Best of Five, Rogue pulled off an amazing reverse sweep - but after getting swept themselves by G2 while Fnatic plowed through Misfits Gaming and MAD, things looked dire for Rogue.

We expected the lower bracket semifinal to be a hard-fought fight, though one that Fnatic would ultimately win. Rogue, however, came to Malmö a much better team than most gave them credit for and showed just how better they can play together. In the bot lane, Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos would face off two of the LEC’s most highly acclaimed AD Carries this year - Fnatic’s Elias "Upset" Lipp and G2’s Victor "Flakked" Lirola Tortosa. Yet once the smoke cleared, Comp proved to be the best - “by far”, as another famous Greek AD Carry once said.

Rising to the Top

Malmö saw what many believed to be the three best LEC bot lanes at the moment face off against each other. Against Fnatic, Comp played four games of Lucian and Zeri - picking Lucian into Upset’s Zeri and Zeri herself the one time Fnatic opted into Sivir. While Rogue lost the first game - in no small part due to a monstrous mid lane performance by Marek "Humanoid" Brázda on Sylas - Comp did a good job matching Fnatic’s star AD Carry. While both of them often played on the edge and did their all to take over the game - and were occasionally punished for them - the Rogue ADC had a combined KDA of 22/7/20 over the four games, only dying three times over his team’s three wins and ending the series with an amazing 13/1/7 Lucian game.

While he had a good performance against Fnatic, Comp absolutely popped off against G2 Esports. This time, he picked a different AD Carry each game - Kalista, Caitlyn and Sivir - and had memorable performances in each game. His Pentakill in game 1 - the second for the playoffs - was the standout moment, but he ran amok in at least one teamfight in every game, ending the series with a total KDA of 24/0/14 in a display of utter dominance.

Stats for the Week

Comp had a total of 46 kills, 7 deaths and 34 assists over the weekend, with the majority of his deaths coming from the first game versus Fnatic. He scored a KDA of 10 or higher in four of his games, and had a grand total of 1 death in the last five.


Game 1 vs Fnatic: Lucian

Game 2 vs Fnatic: Lucian225
Game 3 vs Fnatic: Zeri604
Game 4 vs Fnatic: Lucian1317
Game 1 vs G2 Esports: Kalista805
Game 2 vs G2 Esports: Caitlyn907
Game 3 vs G2 Esports: Sivir702

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Of course, Comp’s season is not over yet. The Greek AD Carry will be heading to Worlds next. Follow our coverage to find out if he will continue his amazing performance there!