LEC Week 2 MVP: BDS Adam

After a less than impressive week 1, Team BDS shocked us all with undefeated run in last week's games. Though all of the team stepped up, Adam "Adam" Maanane's top lane dominance proved clutch.

LEC Adam1
Adam had his revenge on his old team | © Riot Games

The second "superweek" of the LEC 2023 Winter Season served some amazing upsets that baffled many onlookers (and threw our predictions in disarray). Through it all, SK Gaming and Team BDS managed to remain undefeated despite taking on some teams that were expected to be favorites for the title. We saw a lot of players step up and show us how good they are, but for us no one did it better than Adam "Adam" Maanane.

Team BDS was not a team most had high expectations about, and a lot of that was because of the roster. Adam's LEC debut came in Fnatic in the LEC 2021 Summer Split, but after a poor Worlds performance for the team he was let go and came to Team BDS. There, he spent last summer on the academy team that narrowly missed winning the 2022 Summer Split EU Masters championship. His return to the main LEC roster caused some eyebrows to be raised, but last week, he had a chance to face off against Fnatic - and he made the most of it.

Adam's dominant Olaf game was a big factor in his team's victory against Fnatic, as an early kill and a gold lead made him an absolute menace to the Fnatic bot lane and played a big role in his team's clutch 20-minute teamfight win that granted them an early Baron. Against Astralis, his Jax negated much of the impact of their opponents' K'Sante and provided both map pressure and teamfight disruption. His best game of the week, however, came against MAD Lions, where he was an absolute terror on Darius and found flanks that split the Lions' players and delivered key teamfights to his team.

Over the weekend, Adam played three different champions, generally opting for a more bruiser-oriented playstyle that could exert pressure 1v1 and provide disruption in teamfights. None of the three teams he faced was able to fully keep him out of their backline, and this played a big role in BDS' victories.

Game 1: Olaf702
Game 2: Jax434

Game 3: Darius


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The LEC continues on Saturday and in their first game of the weekend, Team BDS will face off against G2. Will Adam lead the squad to victory again or will G2 bounce back from their last defeat? Make sure to tune in and find out!

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