LEC Week 7 MVP: G2 Flakked

G2 Esports secured two clutch wins this week, defeating Excel Esports and Fnatic. They are now in joint second place , and one of the big reasons for their victories is our MVP of the week - Victor "Flakked" Lirola Tortosa.

G2 Flakked 0708
With two key performances on Sivir and Draven, Flakked is our MVP! | © Riot Games

G2 Esports had an amazing end of the summer split and showed that the players could take on some of the world's best at the Mid-Season Invitational, but there have been times in the summer split when the team fell short of expectations.

Before week 7, the spring champions were tied for fourth with a 7-6 record, and with both games being against playoff rivals, it was going to be a rough week. Excel Esports could at times be shaky, but at their best were probably the most intelligently playing team in the LEC. Fnatic was Fnatic - and despite a rough patch, G2's old rival had enough top tier players to always take seriously. After some hit and miss performances earlier this split, G2's bot lane had to be on point and Flakked showed up.

LEC MVP Week 7: G2 Flakked

G2 started the week with a game against top 4 rivals Excel Esports. The two teams were very close early on, but G2 punished their opponents' overextension. Flakked's Sivir was key in their mid-game strategy and several kills allowed Flakked to accelerate his itemization. Excel remained unable to shut him down in teamfights and it cost them dearly 25 minutes into the game. G2 aced their opponents and got both Baron and the Infernal soul, which let them close out the game soon afterwards.

In their Saturday Showdown against Fnatic, G2 drafted for mid-game power to punish their opponents' scaling composition and from the opening minutes, they enjoyed a big lead. Flakked's Draven cashed in early and kept finding kills that kept him ahead of the curve. In the mid-game, the Glorious Executioner dominated the teamfights and although Fnatic tried to find a way back in several fights, he was too much of an obstacle to overcome. In the end, Draven won - with style.

G2 Flakked Stats of the Weekend

It was an impressive outing for the G2 AD Carry who went on a tear in both games for a combined KDA of 35 for the weekend, only dying once in both games. The Spaniard found early killls and dominated the teamfights, making it an easy task for the rest of his team to clean up

Game 1: Sivir vs Excel Esports908
Game 2: Draven vs Fnatic1018

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The LEC summer split concludes next week with a three-day superweek. Will Flakked carry his team to a Top 2 finish, or would G2 stumble as another team gets the better of them? Follow us to find out!