LEC Week 5 MVP: G2 Jankos

G2 Esports broke its losing streak and now, with two much-needed fresh wins, stands tied for fourth place in the LEC standings.The biggest contributor for the wins is our LEC MVP for week 5 - Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski.

Jankos 2507
Our MVP for this week is G2 Jankos! | © Riot Games

Despite - or maybe because - of being the LEC 2022 Spring Split champions, G2 Esports had a rather sketchy performance during the first half of the summer split. After a 3-0 week 1, the team only won one of their next six games and entered the second round robin with a four-game losing streak tied for seventh place - hardly fitting for a team of its caliber.

In week 5, G2 would have to face off against an Astralis that had already shown they can do upsets and Rogue, the team that (as usual) ended the first half of the split in first place. It looked like a quite grim situation for the Spring champions and they needed to get some victories soon before their playoff situation started to look dire. G2 showed their skill and mental fortitude in both games, securing the much-needed wins, and for us, Jankos was the key to their success and is our MVP of the week.

LEC Week 5 MVP: Jankos

G2 did not have an easy time against Astralis, despite getting an early lead. The underdogs fought hard in the mid-game, getting an early baron off a key fight. However, the champions turned the game around with several teamfights where Jankos on Viego got clutch resets and was able to chase down Astralis, helping his team get the pressure advantage that allowed their ballsy backdoor.

The fight against Rogue was supposed to be G2's bigger challenge, but there Jankos was in his element. He read Rogue jungler Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong in the early game and was always there to turn the plays around. His Xin Zhao was key to G2's strong start that resulted in Victor "Flakked" Lirola Tortosa cleaning up in the clutch baron fight.

G2 Jankos Stats of the Weekend

Junglers' KDA is seldom their most impressive metric, but in Jankos' case, it shows the cleanup he was able to provide in game 1 and his early and mid-game presence in the game against Rogue.




Game 1: Viego413
Game 2: Xin Zhao62


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Jankos will be leading G2 Esports in their upcoming rematch with Team BDS. Will the newcomers manage to repeat their feat from the first half of the season, or will G2 avenge their earlier defeat? Make sure to follow our coverage to find out!