LEC Week 6 MVP: VIT Perkz

Team Vitality went on a tear through the LEC this weekend, handily defeating Excel Esports and G2 Esports to take a joint second place in the standings. Their team captain and mid lane superstar Luka "Perkz" Perković is out MVP of the week!

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Team Vitality are on a roll and Perkz is looking good! | © Riot Games

Before the year started, many fans had very high hope for the star-studded Team Vitality roster. However, the team seldom lived up to the hype, ending the season in fifth place in spring and having a shaky start to the summer as the team stayed around the middle of the table.

This week, Vitality had a pretty rough schedule, having to go against two of the top teams this split, a resurgent Excel Esports and the spring champions G2 Esports. Both teams had defeated the French organization during the first half of the split and were firmly in the top 4 for much of the summer. If Vitality were to step up, it's star mid laner had to step up and he did just that, delivering standout performances in both games.

LEC MVP Week 6: VIT Perkz

Vitality started strong in their Friday bout against Excel Esports, but the UK team was able to sneak in an early Baron and looked to be making a comeback 24 minutes into the game when Perkz' Taliyah split them with an important wall. This let Vitality fight on their terms and secure a key teamfight win. Perkz was clutch in the remaining big fights, punishing Excel for overstepping and piling on damage against key targets.

While he played a somewhat secondary role on the Taliyah against Excel, the Croat was on fire against his former team G2 Esports and delivered a masterclass on the Ahri. After getting an early kill off a gank, he roamed heavily on the map, turning the top lane matchup into his teammate Barney "Alphari" Morris' favor. His roams and damage made his former teammate Rasmus "caPs" Borregaard Winther practically invisible as Vitality won fight after fight on the way to a very one-sided victory.

VIT Perkz Stats of the Weekend

Despite a somewhat difficult start against Excel, Perkz ended the game with a solid 3/2/4 on the Taliyah. It was against G2 Esports where he really let loose, however, participating in 17 out of his team's 22 kills and not dying even once.

Game 1: Taliyah vs Excel Esports32


Game 2: Ahri vs G2 Esports1007

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Team Vitality will take on Team BDS and Astralis in the upcoming weak. Is Perkz going to style on his opponents again or would we see another player rise to the top in the next week of the LEC?