LoL: LEC Winter Split - Start Date, Teams, Livestream & More

The LEC will have a brand-new system in 2023. So let's go over the first of three splits, the LEC Winter Split, and which teams we will see and when the games will be played.

LEC Rogue Summer 2022
The Winter split starts soon, who do you think will win? | © Riot Games

The LEC will have a whole new tournament style starting in 2023. Instead of the usual two splits, the league will now operate on a three-split system. This means that fans can enjoy some more League of Legends, and more best-of-three matches as well.

So, how exactly does the new LEC system work and which teams can we expect?

League of Legends: New LEC Format Rundown

Let's quickly go over the brand-new LEC format. Instead of having two splits with a playoff at the end of either, the LEC will now have three splits (Winter, Spring and Summer) with one winner crowned at the end of all of them.

The Winter Split is cut up into three stages, with the first being a single round-robin with all ten teams.

Only the top eight teams will move onto the second stage wherein they will be divided into two groups. The teams will play a GSL format with games being Bo3. The top two teams of either group move on to the third stage.

The third stage will feature the top four teams who are going to play a double elimination bracket, with every game being a best-of-five. The winner will automatically qualify for the 2023 LEC season finals.

LEC Winter Split Start and End Date

The LEC Winter Split will start off on January 21, 2023. This season, the LEC will have games on three days of the week, with some games being moved to Mondays as well, rather than Friday and Saturday with the occasional Sunday during a Super Week.

The finals of the LEC Winter Split will be held on February 26, 2023. This means that the Winter Split is a bit longer than a month, meaning that competition will be happening quick. Make sure you tune in!

League of Legends LEC Winter Split Livestream

You'll be able to watch the LEC Winter Split in any language of your choice. Whether you watch the English broadcast or in your native tongue, there will be a stream for you.

Teams Competing in the LEC Winter Split

This year two new teams will be added to the LEC, replacing old ones. There are talks of the LEC potentially expanding, but for now we are sticking to the 10-team lineup. Misfits and Rogue will be replaced this year.

1Astralis0 - 0
1Excel Esports0 - 0
1Fnatic0 - 0
1G2 Esports0 - 0
1KOI0 - 0
1MAD Lions0 - 0
1SK Gaming0 - 0
1Team BDS0 - 0
1Team Heretics0 - 0
1Team Vitality0 - 0

KOI merged with Rogue ahead of the 2023 season, while Misfits left the LEC, leaving a spot open for Team Heretics to join.

With the LEC kicking off soon, we could see an LEC season finals in France at the end of the Summer, while the Mid-Season Invitational is rumoured to be held in the UK. Now it's just time to see which team will represent the League of Legends EMEA Championship at this big international event.

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