EU Masters to Conclude with an All-LFL Final

The LFL dominance over the EU Masters continues! LDLC OL easily dispatched the last Ultraliga representatives AGO Rogue in the first semifinal. Meanwhile, Vitality.Bee started strong against Karmine Corp - but Lucas "Saken" Fayard led his team to a dramatic reverse sweep.

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After a series of impressive quarterfinal performances, the French regional league saw all three of its playoff teams - LDLC OL, Karmine Corp and Vitality.Bee reach semifinals. There, they were met by the remaining Ultraliga squad, AGO ROGUE. Would the Polish squad find a way to upset the LFL juggernaut, or would we see the first all-LFL final?


The first game started slow,but the LFL team’s early dragons proved important as AGO ROGUE had to play under pressure and contest objectives in order to avoid an early dragon soul. LDLC steadily increased their gold and objective lead, using great flanks to threaten the enemy backline. One such flank led to 3 kills and the Baron 27 minutes in and the game ended soon afterwards.

Game 2 started much better for the Polish team, which secured two kills in the botlane. However, their next attempt to capitalize on their advantage in the lane ended with them losing four as they chased too far and got collapsed on. This seemed to put them on tilt and LDLC started a massive snowball, winning fight after fight and ending the game in under 25 minutes.

AGO ROGUE reset well after the previous game and scored early kills in the third game. The Polish team won multiple teamfights as the game continued, but they could not capitalize and left LDLC sneak away the first Baron. The game remained close until AGO ROGUE went for the second Baron only to have it stolen and lose the teamfight, losing the game shortly afterwards.

Karmine Corp 3-2 Vitality.Bee

Game one was a rollercoaster, with Vitality.Bee having a big early pressure advantage and secured a cloud soul only to lose a Baron and then an Elder Drake after confused fights. However, when it looked like Karmine Corp would have the win, a great teamfight by Vitality in the enemy jungle resulted in a 3-1 and they pushed on to win the game.

The two teams traded kills early on, but a series of good exchanged by Vitality.Bee gave them the lead. They continued being ahead on objectives, despite KCorp’s priority in lane. Vitality got early drake and gold lead that resulted in a Baron and Hextech soul. As the game went on, Mathias "Szygenda" Jensen’s Akali turned several close fights into decisive wins for his team and soon, they were at match point.

Now 0-2, Karmine Corp need to change fast, and change they did. The team drafted for scaling, yet managed to keep the gold close early. Now entering the mid-game without getting behind, executing good front-to-back teamfights led by Lucas "Saken" Fayard’s fed Viktor. Vitality found no way to turn the game around, especially after KC secured the ocean soul, and had to concede their first defeat in the playoffs.

Vitality started the next game well, getting an early kill on Martin "Rekkles" Larsson in the bot lane, but KC recovered well and ended the early game ahead in gold. Like in the previous game, they were stronger in the mid-game, with a lot of kills on both their carries. An easily secured Baron was all Karmine Corp needed to storm the enemy base and get us to a game 5.

The decisive game started very poorly for Vitality, who lost four from a fight near the Rift Herald. By the time the early game was over, Karmine Corp were fully in control and despite a few hiccups, they never let their opponents back into the game Vitality defended themselves tenaciously and fended off several attacks, but 36 minutes in Karmine Corp secured the win to get the first reverse sweep in EU Masters history and make it to the final for a chance to win their third consecutive title.

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The EU Masters final will take place on Saturday, May 7th. Will LDLC OL's undefeated streak carry them to the trophy, or would Karmine Corp write history yet again with a third back-to-back title? Follow us to find out!