LFL, NLC Dominate Week 2 of the EU Masters

The EU Masters is heading into playoffs! France once more looks like the region to beat, getting three first places in the groups. UK and the Nordics keep theirs strong performance from last year with a first and second place, while the LVP Superliga, the Ultraliga and the Prime League bring up the rear with a second place each.

Vetheo came up from the EU Masters in 2020. Who will be the breakout stars this year?| © Riot Games

League of Legends pro fans are hyped up for the Mid-Season Invitational - and for a good reason. In the meanwhile, however, the EU Masters is still there for anyone who wants a quick fix and wants to keep an eye on the best players and teams of the European Regional Leagues. Now that the group stage part of the main event is over, it is time for a recap.

Group 1: The Bees Sting

LFL fourth seed Vitality.Bee entered the second week undefeated and while they dropped a game to Eintracht Spandau, they ended the group on top after defeating their main rival AGO Rogue again. However, the Polish representatives managed to win their rematch against the DACH region team and secured the second spot and a chance to go to playoffs. Eintracht ends the group in third place, while EBL’s sole representative in the Main Event - Crvena Zvezda Esports - goes home 0-6.

Group 2: KCorp Is Back with A Vengeance

After an amazing week 1 where they went undefeated, X7 was no doubt eager to take the top spot in this group but in their showdown with Karmine Corp, the NLC champions had to take a loss. The two teams took down GamerLegion and Team Phantasma with little fuss before facing off once more for the tiebreaker. In it, the LFL team had a great start and despite a few missteps in the mid-game closed it out to ensure they will be going to the playoffs as the first seed of the group.

Group 3: Close to the End

The NLC ginalists Bifrost may have started the Main Event with a loss to Fnatic TQ, but they hit back hard in the second group. Bifrost went undefeated, edging out the LPL representatives after defeating them in the rematch. Fnatic TQ had to settle for second place, but their two wins over Team BDS Academy gave them a comfortable lead over the French second seed. BDS solidified their position as the one flop among a very strong LFL group, ending the groups with a 2-4 record and only defeating the Ultraliga finalist Team ESCA Gaming.

Group 4: LDLC is undefeated

After ending the first week 3-0, LDLC OL end the group stage as the only team with a perfect record. Fan favorite (for the best name, at least) Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition had to settle for second place with a 4-2 record, while Italy’s Atleta Esport and LVP’s BISONS ECLUB are tied for third with one win each

The playoff draw puts the undefeated LDLC against the week one favorites X7 as the first series, while the other NLC representatives Bifrost take on AGO ROGUE on Friday. The weekend features Karmine Corp facing off against the Unicorns of Love and Vitality.Bee against Fnatic TQ. Curiously, all three playoff teams have qualified for playoffs, three of them in the upper seed.

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Will the LFL have another great year at the EU Masters or will another region break the French teams' hold on the title? Make sure to follow the EU Masters playoff to find out!