New Top Lane Champion Announced

In the April Champion Roadmap, Riot talked about a lot of different projects that they've been working on. While we got some great stuff about reworks and updates, we've also got something on the new champion that's coming to the top lane.
New toplaner lol
They're calling it "The Pride of Nazumah". | © Riot Games

You've probably heard about the new jungler of the void called Bel'Veth. She'll be the next champion that'll get released soon. And if you've been paying attention – or reading EarlyGame – then you also know that, after Bel'Veth, we'll be getting another ADC. Not enough yet? Lucky you, because Riot published their Champion Roadmap April 2022, and we've got even more insights for you.

After Bel'Veth and the new ADC, we'll be getting a new top lane champion. Here is everything about the new champion: where are they from and, more importantly, what can they do?

Where Is The New Top Lane Champion From?

The new top lane champion is from Shurima. You remember, Shurima right? Champions like Azir or Sivir also hail from there.

However, the new top lane champion isn't from any city that we're familiar with. They're from a region called Nazumah. The hell is that supposed to be?

If you're now looking at a map of Runeterra, don't, you won't find it. We're therefor ten times more excited about the release of the new champion to find out more about the region of Nazumah and its inhabitants as well.

Nashramae Shurima Lo L
This is Nashramae, which is east of Shurima. | © Riot Games

What Abilities Will The New Top Laner Have?

Unfortunately, barely anything is known about the new top laner, but enough to give you an idea of what kind of champion he will be. Most importantly: the new top lane champion will be a tank! Woohoo!

Don't roll your eyes and throw away your phone just yet, listen up first! You're wondering why we're getting yet again another tank, right? As if Garen, Ornn, Shen, Gnar and all these others weren't enough...

Riot asked themselves the exact same question and still decided to make the new top laner a tank. Reav3, Lead Champion Producer of League of Legends, gave away a little bit about the new top lane tank on Reddit.

According to him, he's supposed to be the similar to champions like Aphelios, Azir or Yasuo – only that he's playing on the top lane as a tank. That means that this champion will be a lot more complex, and by champion, I mean kit. You main Garen? Then don't even touch this new champion, you'll perma-lose.

Sounds interesting for sure. Toplane tanks are easy to use and to master, but this one sounds to be a lot more complex... which could be a fun change. That was actually the goal: to make the gameplay more challenging so that players can invest more time and effort into mastering him. Only after the hundredth game, the top lane tank can be mastered.

When Will The New Top Lane Champion Be Released?

We know one thing: we'll have to wait some more for the new top laner. The new champion will be released in season 12, but that'll go on for quite some more time. For now, Bel'Veth and the new ADC got our full attention, and we barely know anything about either of them at this point. That means we'll probably have to wait for quite some more time before we find out something new about the new top lane tank.

On Reddit, Reav3 said that the champion will be released before the Aurelion Sol CGU, so before the end of 2022. So expect the new champion to release either late autumn or sometime during winter.